Why is it Important to Get Your Teeth Cleaned?

Have you had your teeth cleaned recently? Professional dental cleaning isn’t just for bright smiles. Teeth cleaning can have an important impact on your general health. Therefore, it’s important to schedule regular check-ups with your dentist for dental cleaning.

Stages of Dental Cleaning Procedure

A dentist goes through different processes to ensure that your teeth are adequately cleaned when you go for a cleaning procedure in a dental clinic. The techniques used in professional teeth cleaning are:

  • Tooth Scaling – The dentist removes the layers or films of substances that accumulate on the teeth surface using a scaler or curette.
  • Tooth Polishing – After scaling, the dentist uses a polisher to make the surface of the teeth smoother.
  • Debridement – This procedure is undertaken to remove the massive accumulation of tartar that scaling cannot remove. This technique requires the use of a variety of dental instruments.

Here are the 5 reasons why it is important to get your teeth cleaned:

  1. Prevention of Tooth Sensitivity

The lack of adequate dental care can make a tooth get damaged as a result of decay. The enamel becomes exposed, and you would experience dentin hypersensitivity. You will feel a sharp pain when you take hot, cold, acidic, or sweet foods or drinks. Going to the dental clinic for deep teeth cleaning will help to prevent damage to your teeth and possible damage to your teeth and possible youth sensitivity.

  1. An Excellent Example to the Kids

When you go for a dental cleaning, your kids will be encouraged to imitate you and make it a part of their routine when they grow. They will not be afraid to see a dentist, and that is a good thing. You do not only tell them what is right; you set a good example by practicing what you say.

  1. Improved Heart Health

Dental cleaning promotes oral health, which has a link with overall health. Gum disease and gingivitis have a direct impact on your cardiovascular health. Through dental cleaning, you can avoid life-threatening conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and heart diseases.

  1. Assessment of Existing Restorations

Getting deep teeth cleaning enables the dentist to evaluate the existing restorations such as crowns, fillings, or and other restorative work done. It is essential to check if they are in perfect condition or requires replacement to improve your overall oral health.

  1. Assurance

Going for a dental cleaning twice a year assures you that everything is okay with you. The dentist examines you for possible symptoms of infections or disease. If there are any, you get treated early. Nothing puts your mind to rest as knowing that everything is alright with you. The confidence and assurance will have a positive impact on your overall productivity or performance.

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