How to acquire the happy position of a cosmetic dermatologist from a simple doctor?

A lot of doctors have already benefitted from Cheyanne Mallas’ licensed medical professionals training programs while you are about it! It is your turn to do the same thing and take your medical career to the next level with a bang. Now that, you are here on this blog post, you are already assumed to be a doctor or GP, Cheyanne Mallas is an experienced aesthetic trainer with decades of experience in cosmetic dermatology. 

The best point is that it is not going to take you a long period as it will also use your existing skills. That’s how you can easily access a new specialism with new patients, and a new elevated financial career ahead, so the ball is in your court. Normally, when you shift from one profession to another, your existing skills go to waste.

On the other hand, in this new profession; your existing experience and skills are not going to go wasted. On top of that, the training will take less time than usual because it will also use your existing experience & skills. You are already a doctor, so you are already qualified for this training from Mallas, however, you can ask Mallas any question that might be on your mind about this professional which is going to be a new one for you. Aesthetic training conducted and delivered by Mallas for doctors is not based on a long period, so you do not have to undergo an agonizingly long period as is the case with most training programs. It should not come as a surprise that some courses will take you a few days only. For more details about courses and their duration, you can contact the PA to Mallas by visiting her main site linked above.

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