When to Call a Paediatric ENT in Singapore

When to Call a Paediatric ENT in Singapore

We all want the best for our children. If they suffer from a condition affecting their ENT region, the first thing we should do is send them to a doctor. But a primary care physician might not be the only individual that can help your child recover from an illness. For any ear, nose, and throat conditions, there is one person who can do better to solve your child’s problems. This person is the paediatric ENT doctor in Singapore

A paediatric ENT doctor can do most of the work a regular otolaryngologist does, except they specialise in treating children. Sometimes it is more difficult to treat a child because they are not as communicative about their symptoms, but with the help of a paediatric ENT doctor in Singapore, you may know a little more about the ailments affecting your child.

If you see your child experiencing something in their ENT region, an ENT specialist may help you figure out what ails your child. They may also be able to prescribe the correct treatments to help them get better. Learn more about the kind of ENT conditions your children may have here.

1. Ear infection

If you think your child has an ear infection, a doctor must treat the infection with urgency. The urgency is because your child’s hearing may further degrade and it may also be painful. Bacteria, fungi, and more can cause ear infections in children. Sometimes it may clear up on its own, but persistent ones can cause pain due to fluid buildup.

Ear infections can also be chronic or severe. Chronic ear infections are a cause of concern because they can be permanent if left untreated. Remember to seek an ENT doctor when you are dealing with an ear infection in children.

2. Sleep apnea

Did you know that sleep apnea can also affect children? It’s less common, but still possible. While sleep apnea is less common for kids, it still persists in some. Some might ponder how sleeping disorders relate to the ENT region until they look much more closely at the cause. Sleep apnea and other related issues can impact a child’s mental, emotional, and physical health.

3. Tonsillitis

Being highly common in children, sore and painful throats are some of the symptoms they may complain about. They may also have difficulty swallowing. Tonsillitis happens when a bacterial or viral infection happens in the throat. A child ENT specialist in Singapore may be able to help you solve this issue without antibiotics or a tonsillectomy.

You should let your child visit an ENT doctor in Singaporeif they are suffering from an illness related to the ENT region. Reach out to Dr Jenica Yong to know more about how you can solve them.

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