What is Surgical Restoration of Hair

The surgical restoration of hair applies when a patient experiences the baldness and needs viable hair follicles to cover the area with full of aesthetic effect. The surgical removal of hair roots from the donor zone, i.e., the back and sides of the scalp to the recipient areas where baldness are affected meets the restoration demand called hair transplantation.

The hair transplant in India attracts most of us due to its cost-effective services along with the benefits of quality treatment performed by the expert hair surgeons. Most of us have the perception that hair transplant is a costly procedure due to its cosmetic involvement, but it is a surprise for those looking for the budget-cost procedure as the hair transplant cost in India comes under the affordable plan.

Through this article, we will describe the facts, aspect, and benefit of the procedure that is needed to be understood clears many doubts and confusion.

What is Hair Transplantation?

The process of hair root shifting from the hair growth zone to the hair loss areas via the technique of restoration either performed by the strip method or through the punching process is termed as the hair transplant procedure. The surgical restoration is performed to sort out the issue of balding as it facilitates the process of hair root transfer from the safe donor area to the recipient balding part of the scalp. The hair transplantation procedure has come as a cosmetic boon in the industry that gives a permanent answer for the hair loss.

The Technique of Hair Transplantation:

There are two types of techniques are practiced in the hair transplant surgery, namely, the FUT and the FUE hair transplant. Both the techniques of hair restoration are applied to the hair root extraction, but the ways are different that makes the procedure different in terms of receiving the particular number of grafts to fulfill the surgical restoration.

The Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT):

The FUT or the follicular unit transplant is considered as one of the best mediums to extract the hair roots as it only offers permanent hair roots. The extraction is performed via the strip excision, which is harvested from the DHT-resistant zone, i.e., the occipital and parietal part of the scalp. The hair root extraction via the strip method makes it feasible to obtain a number of grafts in a single session and also meets the high-density demand of the patients. The FUT needs the linear incision from the rear side of the scalp that is further closed by an advanced Trichophytic closure. Only the possibility of the linear scar can occur with the FUT hair restoration that can be camouflaged effectively with the Trichophytic closure that allows the overlapping closing fashion so that the hair growth could be allowed just from the edges of the incision. The FUT is the best medium to perform the hair transplant technique as it gives the permanent result due to the extraction of grafts from the DHT-resistant zone of the scalp.

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

The FUE or the follicular unit extraction is the method of hair root extraction via the motorized punching machine or the manual tool that facilitates the single hair root extraction at a single time. The FUE extraction is done randomly without knowing the angle and direction of hair roots. Thus, there is always a chance for graft damage due to dynamic punches and thus helps in obtaining the only a minimum number of grafts in a single sitting.

The FUE is performed when a patient is affected by the minimum grade of baldness such as NW-I, II, or III. The FUE technique doesn’t assure us about the permanent result and thus it is chosen when there is not an adaptable condition for performing the strip method of the surgery.

The Significance of Hair Transplant Procedure is jotted down below:

  • One can resume aesthetic looks back with full hair growth all over the areas where baldness was affected previously.
  • The natural hair growth occurs that successfully adapt to the natural hair growth cycle.
  • There is no need to do extra care or maintenance for the transplanted hair roots as it grows naturally like normal hair.
  • One can enjoy cut, trim, color or perm even for the transplanted hair as it patient’s hair that re-grows with the same natural tendency and characteristics of hair roots.
  • The hair transplant surgery gives permanent results with the permanent hair follicles/roots.

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