What exactly is Serum? How should it be used? What distinguishes it from cream?

Today, there are numerous types of cosmetics and skin care products available. However, in recent years, serum has emerged as one of the most popular skin care treatments among both men and women. If someone still doesn’t know what serum is, let me explain. What are the benefits of using a serum? Is the serum appropriate for your skin? Below is a list of all the serums you should be aware of! What exactly is Serum?

Serum is a skin care product that contains extremely small molecules. The serum’s texture is lighter than that of the cream product. The serum’s texture might range from liquid to semi-liquid. The serum’s hue might be clear, turbid, or tinted, depending on the chemicals, extracts, and formula design of each เซรั่ม The main thing to remember about serum products is that they have a higher concentration of active ingredients than other types of skin care products. As a result, it is a product that effectively restores the skin. It can be used in small amounts, only a few drops, and still produce good results. Because the serum contains small molecules, it can be absorbed swiftly and thoroughly into the skin to the skin structure level. As a result, serums also give the skin with the benefits of extracts and nutritious components.

What are the benefits of using a serum?

Before we get to that, why should you use a serum? Here’s a comparison with a skin care product you’re probably familiar with: creams. These two items must, of course, be distinct. And it is appropriate for use in skin care that is not the same, so let’s get to know the cream a little better!

The Benefits of Serum

  • The serum focuses on rejuvenation and directly addresses specific skin issues.
  • Each drop of serum contains a high concentration of nutrients. As a result, user issues are efficiently resolved.
  • Serum absorbs rapidly and deeply, allowing it to nourish the skin from the inside out.
  • The serum is low in weight. Not clingy because it does not concentrate on the covering, it is less prone to produce acne.
  • The serum does not interfere with, but rather improves, the efficiency of other products used in conjunction with it.

What kind of user is the serum intended for?

Serums are available in a variety of forms. Because serums contain concentrated active substances, they provide an answer to the problem of resolving specific skin care issues. Because of its small molecular size, it absorbs swiftly into the skin. Go straight to the source of your skin problems.

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