What Deals You Need for the Right Disability Care Now

A bed patient needs a multi-section orthopedic mattress. An oilcloth should be placed on it, and a sheet should be laid on top of it. If the patient has a damaged spine, a hard shield should be put on the mattress. The bed must be accessible from both sides. It must be installed at a distance from heaters.

Change of bed linen

To change the bedding of a motionless patient, it must be shifted. Several people should do this. A stretcher should be brought right up to the bed and set at a right angle. After this, the patient is carefully transferred to them. For Assistansbolag Stockholm this is important.

You can act in another way

A lying patient is not transferred from the bed, but is carefully shifted to its edge, avoiding uncomfortable postures that can cause muscle tension or pain. After that, the old sheet is carefully rolled up to the level of his body, and a clean sheet is placed on the vacant place with a margin. Then the patient is transferred to a new sheet.

If the patient cannot be moved, the sheet is rolled from his legs, first to the lower back, and then to the head. The corners of the sheet are fixed on the mattress with pins. Changing the linen, each row must be carefully shaken the blanket.

Replacement of underwear

For immobilized patients it is best to wear vest shirts. They are easy to change as they become dirty. For this, the shirt is first lifted to the neck, then the sleeves are removed, and after that – all the clothes as a whole. Put on the undershirt in the reverse order.

How to organize food?

If the patient may not be in a sitting position for long, he should buy a special table for which it is convenient to eat in bed. Such products are sold in household goods departments and in online stores. They are made of plastic and are inexpensive. To make it convenient for the patient to eat, two or more hard pillows should be placed under his back.

If a lying person cannot sit and eat on his own, you need to purchase plastic children’s dishes for him, which can be found on sale in departments for small children. It is most convenient to drink broths and various drinks from special drinkers-spills. The most inexpensive dishes from this category are manufactured by Canpool.

The preparation of the menu for a lying elderly person is handled by his attending physician, as well as a specialist nutritionist. At home, sticking to a certain diet is much more difficult.

Rules to follow when compiling a diet

To simplify the task, the following rules must be observed. The observance of a properly organized drinking regimen is very important – at least one and a half liters of liquid should be drunk per day. This allows you to rid the body of toxins and improve the digestion process.

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