What can I expect at a Dental Check Up?

Are you anxious about your visit to a dental clinic? Do you want to have an idea of what to expect when you go to see a dentist? Do not stress out; read the account below to have an idea of what a visit to a dental clinic entail.

There are slight differences in the type of dental visit you are making to your dentist, and there are also similarities. You may be going for an examination (check-up) or cleaning. What to expect in both visits are different.

A Check-up Visit

If you are going to a dental clinic for an examination, you will be taken through some tests to know the state of your teeth and detect likely problems. The dentist will examine your teeth for cavities. Your teeth may be X-rayed to detect cavities between your teeth.

The test will also look out for plaque build-up and tartar on your teeth, and your guns will be examined for possible gum diseases. After the examination, the dentist will inform you of the state of your teeth and give you professional advice. You may be advised to come for cleaning, flossing, and removal of plaques and tartar. If you have cavities, the dentist will inform you what to do.

A Cleaning and Plaque Removal Visit

If you are going for plaque and tartar removal and oral prophylaxis, you have to get to the dental clinic early. Know that you cannot get rid of tartar on your own and flossing cannot remove it – it must be removed professionally.

On your visit, the dentist will also use special tools to clean your teeth and ensure that your teeth are thoroughly clean before the process is over.

After cleaning your teeth, your dentist will schedule check-ups with you. However, you would be advised to follow these procedures at home:

  1. Brush at least twice daily using toothpaste that contains fluoride.
  2. Floss daily
  3. Use mouthwash for fresh breath and also keep bacteria away.

A Regular Dental Check-up

To keep your teeth in a healthy state, do not skip appointments with your dentist. Here are what to expect when you go to a dental clinic for a routine check-up:

  1. Your teeth will be checked for possible changes.
  2. Your teeth may need to be cleaned and polished
  3. Ensure you keep your appointments for improved oral health.

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