Various Denture Forms Include Partial Dentures

Dentures are a way of life for people and are necessary for various reasons. Everyone may need them at different stages of their lives, but older people are usually the most frequent recipients of dentures.

You should know what options are available to you before determining which denture will be best for you. Three different types of full dentures are:

  1. Standard dentures
  2. Immediate dentures
  3. Implant retained dentures

Standard dentures, designed for those who have already lost all their teeth, usually require at least four different appointments to complete the manufacturing process.

Immediate dentures are produced before the patient’s natural teeth are removed — sometimes referred to as temporary dentures. After removing a tooth, a prefabricated tooth is inserted directly above the initial tooth socket. Most people get another type of dental fit done within a year of receiving immediate dentures.

Implant retained dentures provide flexibility and better chewing capacity. A dental surgeon inserts anchors into the jaw.

Partial dentures are replacement teeth that is connect to a pink plastic base, which is attached to a metal frame that holds it in the correct position inside the mouth. This type of denture can be used if a patient has one or more teeth in the upper or lower jaw, as there are open gaps to fit through natural teeth. Dentures fill the spaces between natural teeth and also help prevent these remaining teeth from shifting their position in the mouth.

The denture development process is essentially the same as full dentures; usually, four to six appointments are required, over four to six weeks, to make a series of impressions of your jaw and obtain accurate measurements. It is essential to make sure that your dentures are perfect for your mouth.

If you were recommended to get partial dentures instead of full dentures, you might want to consider the fact that this may be only a temporary remedy; you may still need full dentures at a later stage. It depends on the condition of the rest of your teeth. When it comes to making your finances work, this is often an idea. The best denture clinic in Mississauga is pleased to provide you with all options and a clear breakdown of the costs and lifetime of each one.

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