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IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) allows many infertile couples to be parents. This advanced technology, however, requires patience and perseverance on the part of the couple. With the ivf irvine california this is important now.

  • A step by step IVF
  • Prepare upstream for IVF

The IVF technique allows the female (oocyte) and male (spermatozoon) sex cells to meet outside the female body.

The first consultation with a gynecologist specialized in infertility

At the first consultation, the specialist determines if the couple is ready to embark on the adventure. He prescribes, at a minimum, a report card to evaluate the quality of the spermatozoa of the man, the ovulation of the woman, and the state of the uterus where the embryo must be implanted. If the medical course is already long, all the exams are not to be redone, but some are to be renewed every year.

Prepare the woman’s body

One month may elapse before the start of treatment. Information sessions help the couple to prepare. A psychologist can be consulted. The results of the assessment can lead to the prescription of drugs to prepare the uterine cavity or stimulate the ovaries to increase the number of fertilizable follicles. The choice of the classic IVF or ICSI technique (Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection) is also done.

Stop ovulation and stimulate the ovaries

The ovaries are put to rest for a better control of the treatment. The development of ovarian follicles, normally controlled by the pituitary gland (a small gland of the brain), is inhibited by daily injections of hormones for 10 to 20 days. This treatment is prescribed alone or in combination with ovarian stimulation. A blood test and ultrasound can assess its effectiveness. You should go for the ivf without medications.

Hormone injections to stimulate the ovaries

Induction of ovulation involves stimulating the ovaries with hormone injections for 10 to 12 days. The goal: to mature several follicles (instead of one at each cycle) by controlling 3-4 times their size and development by hormonal assays and ultrasound. The treatment is constantly adapted.

Triggering of ovulation, collection of follicles and spermatozoa

If the size of the oocytes is sufficient (sign of maturity), and the hormone level is adequate, an injection is made to trigger ovulation. The time of the bite is essential because it determines the time at which the collection of oocytes will take place.

The follicles are punctured

Approximately 36 hours after the injection triggering ovulation, the follicles containing the oocytes are collected under ultrasound control in the operating room, under local or general anesthesia. The woman is installed in a gynecological position, the doctor inserts into the vagina ultrasound probe on which is attached a needle. With his eyes riveted on the screen, he punctures the follicular liquids through the vagina into the ovaries and sucks them up using syringes. The whole lasts about half an hour.In parallel with this puncture of the follicles, the man puts his sperm in a test tube.

In the laboratory, putting sexual cells in contact

Sexual cells are first prepared in the laboratory. The mature oocytes are isolated and selected according to their appearance. The most mobile spermatozoa are selected. Each mature oocyte is placed in a culture medium at 37 ° C in a sterile box and placed in contact with sperm for classical IVF. In case of IVF by ICSI, a sperm is directly injected with a pipette into the woman’s oocyte.

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