Top 3 Killer Fruits For Diabetic Patients

Your diet should be your priority if you are a diabetic patient because it can improve your diabetic condition and at the same time can make it worse as well. When we talk about diet, how can we forget about fruits. Right? Your perfect diet is incomplete without fruits. But if you are a diabetic patient then there are some fruits that are not healthy for you and you should not include them in your diet at any condition as some of the fruits contain high amounts of sugar and are harmful for the people with high blood sugar. 

In this our Health Mag Blog, we are going to discuss those killer fruits for diabetic patients.

  • Watermelon: Although watermelon is the favorite fruit of summer as it is very fresh and contains a good amount of water, if you look at its Glycemic Index, you will consider it a bad fruit for diabetic patients. It has a Glycemic Index of more than 70 which puts it into the category of killer fruits for diabetic patients. A Glycemic Index between 55 to 69 is medium, and a Glycemic Index of 70 and more than 70 is considered as high. Each 100g of watermelon contains 6g of sugar content. Hence, a diabetic patient must take very few amounts of watermelon.


  • Figs: The Glycemic Index of fig is 51 which is not as high as watermelon but it contains high amounts of sugar that makes it one of the worst fruits for diabetics. It is considered to be the sweetest fruit as it contains 16.3 grams of sugar in its 100gm. For dry fig, this amount goes upto 47.9 grams of sugar in 100 grams. So, it’s very important to not overeating figs for diabetic patients.


  • Fully Ripe Bananas: The Glycemic Index of Bananas is also similar to the Glycemic Index of Figs, around 51. But again the sugar content is high in Bananas, it has 12 g of sugar in 100 gm of Banana. And that’s why it becomes important to take a fixed amount of Bananas, twice or thrice in a week to not crossing the limit of Sugar intake that can become an enemy of your health. 


Conclusion: Fruits and vegetables both are very important parts of our diet as they are very healthy for our health. But for diabetic patients vegetables are healthier than fruits as fruits contain a high level of sugar which makes your diabetic condition worse. Hence, it is important to not overeat fruits. 

Kenneth Bennett

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