Tips for Teeth Whitening

Most of us tend to have white teeth and attractive smiles, especially after fixing all our oral and dental issues. It means most people ask for teeth whitening after treating damaged or decayed teeth. You can have the shiniest, whitest, and most beautiful smile possible after the whitening process, but you need to care about your white teeth. If you want to know more about the whitening procedure, we are here to give you a little background about this cosmetic dentistry procedure. Note that your dental enamel is somehow like your face skin. It has tiny pores, so whenever you drink coffee or tea and eat strawberries or blueberries, all of these yummy, delicious foods and drinks will change the color of your teeth and make them yellow or dark. These foods and beverages are highly pigmented. Their pigments will enter your dental enamel’s tubules, so you need a professional method to remove them. 

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Why Do We Need Professional Teeth Whitening?

As we have said in the previous part, the food and drink pigments will cover your teeth over time. According to a dentist offering advanced teeth whitening service, once this process happens, no matter how hard you brush, your teeth will never become as white as before. 

In this case, you need to use the professional teeth whitening process. Therefore, visit your cosmetic dentist; they mostly polish the prophy paste. This paste polish won’t go into your dental pores and enamel. 

Based on this information, you can understand different kinds of whitening processes. Sometimes, cosmetic dentists combine several methods to whiten your teeth as much as possible. 

Some dentists also use the exfoliating process, which is the manual mechanical removal of stains. They can combine this process with chemical whitening so you, as the patient, may get the most demanded result. 

teeth whitening service

What Are the Most Useful Materials in the Teeth Whitening Process?

According to the many reports and gathered information, the 2 most common whitening agents are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. It is easy to find them in terms of the white strips.

Many patients believe white strips can be an excellent method that you can use. You can also use custom trays. Don’t forget you must get these trays from your chosen cosmetic dentist. The whitening gel can be one of the most impressive teeth whitening methods.

Some dentists also share the domestic methods to help you keep your teeth as white as possible at home without visiting them. But we recommend you choose your cosmetic dentist and try the whitening process every time based on your dentist’s ideas and opinions. 

The whitening gel includes a 35 percent carbamide peroxide solution, so professional whitening gel will have a slightly higher concentration on patients’ yellow teeth. The professional whitening methods are more effective than the domestic ones.

Generally, you can get the strips from the drugstore, but you may see the desired result differently than you hoped. It is better to visit a cosmetic dental clinic or office and wait for your whitening time. Dentists focus on your yellow and dark teeth too much with high quality.

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