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Depression is a disease in which a person feels depressed for a long time (at least two weeks), loses interest in activities that have previously been satisfying, and cannot do the daily chores.Depression in women develops much more often than in men.Depression is not a manifestation of weakness, no hander and no PMS. This is a disease that can occur in anyone.

Depression: Symptoms And Signs

There are different degrees of depression: mild, moderate and severe. It all depends on the number of symptoms and their severity. It is also important to consider whether manic episodes occurred.

Regardless of the type, depression can be chronic (develop over a long period of time) and episodic, with relapses (especially if untreated).

Recurrent depressive episodes are called recurrent depressive disorders.

Symptoms of depression:

  • oppression,
  • loss of interest,
  • inability to feel joy,
  • reduction of vital energy, passivity,
  • anxiety,
  • drowsiness or insomnia,
  • low concentration
  • loss of appetite,
  • low self-esteem,
  • guilt or despair
  • thoughts of suicide.

Depression may not show all the symptoms. And depending on how many signs of depression are detected and how severe they are, they classify depression as mild, moderate or severe. With the best therapist near me for depression and anxiety you can expect the best deal now.

In a person with a mild form there are some difficulties in performing normal work, but it has almost no effect on the overall result and functioning of the person. In severe depression, a person does not cope with social functions and even daily chores, he can perform only the simplest household chores.

Even depression is a part of bipolar affective disorder. In this case, there are periods of absolutely normal life between the depressive and manic phases. In the manic phase, a person is in an excited, cheerful or irritable mood, hyperactive, talk a lot and sleeps little, and their self-esteem is increased.

Why Depression Occurs: Causes

One cause of depression cannot be named because depression develops as a result of a complex interaction of social, psychological, and biological factors.

Very often, the cause of depression is negative events: loss of work, death of one of the relatives, psychological trauma, and severe stressful event. In turn, depression can reduce stress resistance, disrupt normal functioning, and worsen life, resulting in depression becoming more severe.

Prevention Of Depression

To prevent depression, learn to think positively. In a difficult life situation, try to find positive points. For example, divorce gives you a chance to forget about scandals and find a soul mate.

Of course, there are situations where it is almost impossible to find the bright side (for example, the death of a loved one). That is why it is important not to keep all emotions in yourself share thoughts, fears with friends, loved ones or those who are experiencing similar emotions (in Ukraine there are centers operating on an equal basis).

Treatment Of Depression

The mild form of depression can be treated without medication, using certain psychotherapeutic methods. But in medium to severe form, medical treatment and psychotherapy with qualified specialists may be required.

Self-medication for depression with antidepressants is very dangerous. Antidepressants can only be taken as directed by a doctor. Failure to do so may lead to increased depression.

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