The Great Solutions with the Perfect Tantric Massage Now

The tantric massage therapy would bring the body and mind together, through the exploration of the senses.

What is tantrism?

Tantrism (or tantra) indicates a spiritual current, a philosophy of life, which tends to unite the body and the spirit. It is a set of rituals, but also of texts, allowing to reach a state of total awakening, to rediscover the desire and the joy of living, through the exploration of the senses.

Tantrism uses meditation and breathing as an awakening tool. According to the current tantrism, all the senses are solicited, so that even the private and carnal parts are concerned. It is for this reason that tantrism is often compared to a sexual practice. In this regard, we speak of tantric orgasm, when awakening is actually achieved.

The tantric method in Massage: the benefits

The tantric method promises to solve emotional, psychological and relationship problems by developing the potential of each:

  • it would make it possible to manage a mourning, a separation (even if these events are old);
  • to find or regain a decision-making force, a self-confidence;
  • to repel depression;
  • to become aware of its polarity, that is to say on its masculine and feminine side;
  • to accept the light aspects as the darkest;
  • or to reconnect a couple.

Procedure of the tantric massage

There are no “standards”, so each therapist is likely to offer a unique massage. Some, for example, suggest an interview before the massage, to explain the principle well and determine if the method is suitable.

If the standards are not listed, there are still similarities. Tantric massage is indeed characterized by a journey through the senses and sensuality:

  • the massage is slow
  • the masseur is very involved, especially through his hand play
  • the massage is meant to be sensual and spiritual
  • it can be done on a table, with oil or without

All parts of the body are supposed to be part of the massage, including the erogenous zones

Traditionally, the massage is naked. Obviously, if the person wishes, he can stay in underwear and not be massaged the most intimate parts.

The massage allows a calming of the spirit, offers a feeling of unity to the whole body and allows to find a sacred dimension of the body.

Tantrism, sexuality and meditation

Because Tantrism takes into account the exploration of the senses, it is often assimilated to a sexual practice. But for insiders, it is not, quite the contrary.

According to the tantric current, the most important is the path that leads to orgasm, more than the orgasm in itself. This is why the process is long: the idea is to explore the carnal senses, to make the most of the merger between two people, to achieve an absolute union.

In practice, this involves:

  • to breathe together then alternately, so as to take possession of the other’s breath
  • to look each other in the eyes
  • to touch and caress all areas of the body, whether neutral or so-called erogenous. Thus, the calves, the back, the neck, the face or even the shoulders are “treated” like the most intimate parts
  • penetration is optional
  • at the time of orgasm, the two lovers must try to control the contractions associated with the rise of desire.

It is a question of meditating during the sexual act, to make it last and that the orgasm concerns the whole body.

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