The Essential Detox Program Options That you Can Opt for Now

The procedure is as well developed as possible, because its successful application has been going on for many years. Actions of qualified specialists should be aimed not only at maintaining vital indicators, but also in caring for the patient’s health. Timely treatment in a medical institution will help to exclude the development of complex diseases of important body systems.

The development of modern medicine has contributed to the development of several types of detoxification:

With the help of medicines

The action of the drugs is aimed at interacting with narcotic substances inside the body and for their rapid elimination.

In extracorporeal mode

This method requires the appropriate knowledge and skills of medical personnel. The method is available only with the use of modern equipment. It is considered the deepest method of purification.

When using biological substances. Natural remedies accelerate the metabolic processes of the body. The kidneys and sweat glands work hard, contributing to the natural elimination of toxins from the body. This method is effective only with the use of light narcotic drugs. The use of the detox retreat Phuket treatment happens to be important there.

With a mixed method, it is permissible to combine the presented techniques. It is used for severe forms of intoxication of the body, which involves an emergency cleansing.

Due to the diversity presented, the attending physician can choose the most effective method of cleansing, based on the individual characteristics of the patient.

Detoxification after drugs

The procedure involves placing the patient in a hospital. Only after the examination of a specialist, a direct detoxification procedure is appointed.

Consider the stages of removing toxins from the body:

Use of medicines or other methods of cleaning the body

The choice is made by the attending physician and should be based on the objective condition of the patient. In addition, do not forget about the manifestations of withdrawal symptoms, so you need drugs that can eliminate the symptoms.

Psychological support of the patient

Interaction with a psychologist should take place throughout the period of treatment and rehabilitation of the patient. At this stage, psychologists face a difficult task, because you need to convince the patient to recognize their dependence and also the need for immediate treatment. Effective disposal of dependence occurs only on condition of personal desire of the patient. Otherwise, even complex therapy and rehabilitation cannot withstand the conscious desire to return to drugs.

Introduction of strict diet

The organism of a drug addict is exhausted, especially with prolonged use of prohibited means. A successful recovery requires a lot of energy and energy, the source of which is proper nutrition. Only food fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids can restore the patient to a full life.

Physical activity, occupational therapy

Strangely enough, physical labor is an integral part of the procedure. Detoxification after drugs requires switching the patient’s attention, a new hobby or occupation is guaranteed to distract from thoughts of drugs. The degree of recovery directly depends on the duration of occupational therapy. In addition, this activity simultaneously returns the patient to social life.

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