The Best Drinks Guaranteed to Provide a Quick Hangover Solution

A night of heavy drinking can severely drain your body of essential nutrients. Restoring your body of all the lost nutrients is crucial to ensuring hangover symptoms don’t last for more than a day. The first hangover remedy you should try is a smoothie. It is normal for a hung-over person to suffer from a loss of appetite. An easy to chug smoothie consisting of raw cacao, bananas, honey, and almonds will serve as a powerful nutrient-boost – just what your nutrient deficient body needs. Make sure to add sufficient amounts of water to this recipe so that your hydration levels are properly maintained.

If your stomach is feeling upset, consider drinking a detoxifying juice first. A relatively simple recipe consisting of coconut water, apples, and vitamin C rich fruits like oranges – this drink will work wonders in ridding your body of harmful alcohol-instigated toxins. Adding ginger, the best natural hangover medicine to this drink will boost your stomach’s health, cleaning out your liver, and getting rid of harmful enzymes. Ginger tea is also a commonly used drink for curing hangovers. However, tea is a diuretic drink which further dehydrates your body. So, if you’re drinking ginger tea, make sure to drink an additional amount of water.

Now that your stomach is prepared to start functioning normally, it is time to restore your body’s energy levels. Omelet in a cup is easy to make. Just add vitamin-rich ingredients like tomatoes and spinach into a mug with the eggs and place the mug in the microwave. Eggs create cysteine, an amino acid, which effectively processes acetaldehyde – a harmful alcohol-based toxin that builds up in the body when drinking. Omelet in a cup is a guaranteed hangover solution, ridding your body of harmful toxins while also giving you the boost in energy it needs.

Kenneth Bennett

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.