The Benefits of Wearing an N95 Mask in Canada

With the recent surge in coronavirus cases in Canada, it is now more important than ever to protect yourself and others by wearing a face mask. Amongst the various types of masks available, n95 mask Canada are considered to be the most effective. This article will look at the benefits of wearing an N95 mask in Canada and why this type of mask is essential for Canadians during this pandemic. 

What is an N95 Mask? 

An N95 mask is a protective respirator that filters out 95% of airborne particles and can be used in both personal and professional settings. It is designed to provide protection against particulate matter such as dust, pollen, smoke, mold spores, and other airborne particles that may cause illnesses. An N95 mask helps protect against small particles that may contain bacteria or viruses which can cause severe respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19. While other masks like surgical masks or cloth masks may provide some protection from large particles, they don’t offer the same level of filtration as an N95 mask does. 

The Benefits of Wearing an N95 Mask 

The most obvious benefit of wearing an N95 mask is that it can help protect you from getting sick with a virus or bacteria if you come into contact with someone who has one. Wearing an N95 respirator also helps reduce your risk of spreading germs to others by blocking droplets and aerosols from being released into the air when you sneeze or cough. In addition, wearing a face covering prevents people from touching their face which further reduces their risk of contracting any airborne illness they may have been exposed to. Furthermore, wearing a face covering also encourages those around you to do the same which creates a safer environment for everyone involved. 

Where to Get Your Own N95 Mask 

Now that it’s clear why it’s so important to wear an N95 mask when out in public spaces, you might be wondering where to get one for yourself or your family members. Fortunately, there are many places where you can find high-quality respirators such as pharmacies, hardware stores and online retailers like Amazon or eBay. When purchasing a respirator make sure that it has been certified by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and read reviews before making your purchase if buying online! 

The N95 Mask Helps Reduce Your Risk of Infection 

Wearing an N95 mask can help reduce your risk of becoming infected with any virus or other infectious disease by providing an effective layer between you and potential sources of infection. The effectiveness of the mask increases when combined with other preventive measures such as social distancing, frequent hand washing, and avoiding contact with people who are sick. When used correctly, wearing an N95 mask along with these other preventive measures can significantly reduce your risk of getting sick.


It’s clear why it’s so important to wear an N95 mask when going out in public during these times – it provides significant protection against airborne illnesses like COVID-19 while also protecting those around us from spreading any germs we might be carrying ourselves unknowingly! So make sure you take all necessary precautions by finding a high-quality respirator today! Protecting yourself has never been more important – stay safe!

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