Tanned Skin: A Fashionable Choice

At the time of the preindustrial era, people with dark skin and freckles were associated with peasants, those who did the manual labour and were below those who did everything to maintain flawless pale skin, which signified their wealth and upper class. But with the changing world, and approach towards beauty people started to develop an obsession for the sun-kissed skin tone, and pale skin was no longer something to aim for.

Popularity of tanning

A tint of brown on the skin was associated with a healthy glow, and was considered as a mark for a physically active and healthier person. With the growing craze for tanned skin, there has been an immense upsurge in the number of in-house tanning salons, with an increasing number of clients.As tanning reached heights of popularity, the cosmetic market got the perfect opportunity to launch different tanning oils and creams, for helping people to obtain the perfect tan look.

Growth of tanning salons

With the growing preference for sun-kissed skin, the business of tanning parlour has grown immensely, boosting the success of the industry tilting it towards the profitable side. Most people prefer choosing a tanning treatment at trusted salons, while many othersprefer lotions and creams for obtaining the perfect tanned contoured look.

The first self-tanner popularly known as man tan was developed in the year 1980. Since then these self-tanners and tanning beds have been greatly available, mostly in the western countries.

The health awareness regardingtanning

While tanning till the early 2000s remained was a very trendy choice, the growing awareness regarding the dangers of tanning as sunburn, premature agingand potential risk of skin cancer caused people to look for alternative methods of tanning, thus giving a major boost to the indoor tanning salons. Not only it reduces the risk of skin cancer, but it can also help you achieve a perfect sun-kissed glowing skin, by naturally inducing more production of vitamin D inside your body.

The online market

There are many websites that offer you the best products to achieve a tanned skin tone, without risking your health and protecting you from harmful effects of over sun tanning. Websites like https://lovemelanotan.org/ provide the best alternative option of sun tanning.The available tanning peptideproducts produce natural melanin inside the body that minimizes the UV exposure of your skin. Benefits of the available tanning peptide products are:

  • Minimal UV exposure: The tanning peptide requires a little sunlight exposure in order to produce the best result, however, it requires comparatively less time than tanning without these peptides.
  • Protection against skin damage: by nature, tan is producing in the body to minimize the harmful effect of the UV rays. The tan produced by Melanotan provides the user with a deep pigmentation and skin layer.

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