Suffering from stress due to severe back pain? Here’s why recurring to orthodontics may be the most effective solution

It starts with a small discomfort in the neck after completing a stressful day at the office. Soon, even the most uncomplicated physical activity requires extra effort. Now, the previously occasional back pain has turned into the “new normal” of 85% of adults currently…

If you have come this far, it means that you identify yourself at least partially with the picture described above: You’ve reached out almost every health professionals in your area without finding a solution – a dangerous scenario for both your general health and daily life.

Given this, prominent spokespersons of the global medical community, such as UK’s National Health Services, emphasize that these problems usually have a connection with the temporomandibular region; which means you’ve probably been looking for answers in the wrong branch of the field.

Fortunately, we have compiled all the information you need regarding the necessary treatments to solve your body pain as well as to prevent future complications.

Dental malocclusion and posture

According to the Canadian experts Dr. Fouad Ebrahim and Dr. Fatima Ebrahim, it is typical for patients having reached the adult stage without going through the dental and orthodontic office, to believe they are “exempt” from needing it. The WHO has recently shared worrying figures proving that at least 90% of the world population suffers from dental malocclusion.

The functional complications related to the bite go beyond the limits of mastication and primary articulation since the muscles of the mouth are connected to those of the neck, and so on. Additionally, back pain can develop into serious illnesses such as flat feet, scoliosis, and false-short legs.

Said orthodontists, who have accumulated an excellent reputation within the Canadian locality, explain that it is possible to suffer from defective dental occlusion – as well as its immediate consequences in hygiene and overall oral health – even if this is not perceptible from an aesthetic point of view (i.e., visibly crooked smile).


A quick and straightforward way to notice some mismatch in your teeth is to check out the bite: When closing your mouth, does the denture fit correctly, or on the contrary, the lower and upper areas are outside their limits?

When affirmative for the last option, dealing with elements that modify the biomechanics of the spine (and therefore, good posture), make people who suffer from these problems to be also affected in their work and social performance; as well as irritability and depression due to the constant state of pain.

To combat the adverse effects and cure the malocclusion, experts advise to go to dental health professionals and correct the structure of the bite through orthodontic treatments. But you may ask yourself: “Is it possible to know what is the right treatment for me right now?”


To let you know in advance at the most convenient option for your particular need, we analyze the offers in regions such as Calgary, Beacon Hill or Shawnessy (both world-renowned oral health centers), and we extracted the treatments and their most common names:

  • Metal Braces: The main advantage of the classics is that they allow correcting all malocclusion issues for a relatively low price, sacrificing some comfort and the aesthetic aspect in the medium term.
  • Hidden Braces: Designed to solve problems of crowding, separation, overbite, open bite and crossbite as well as the previous one, this stands out for being deceived on the inside of the teeth. The disadvantage is that it is a fixed mouthpiece that can annoy some people.
  • Clear Braces: Unlike the previous two, the piece of metal happens to be made of translucent material, enabling it to blend with the color of the original denture.

It should be noted that the three previous methods share span. Also, since the position of the denture is linked to genetic inheritance, negative habits and even aspects such as weather, it is advisable to take the opportunity to alert family members that might be or could be, suffering from the same ailments (thus creating a new tradition of “Family Braces”)

In case of wanting to resort to an option that minimizes the time of treatment and increases the practicality of the daily routine -and be able to forget about the pain and even procedures, you would have to get out of the canons of braces and opt for the aligners, exactly as the best orthodontist Calgary is currently doing.

This treatment has been attracting a buzz within professionals for some years. Although the price exceeds the treatment with braces, currently this alternative is emerging as the principal for a majority of professional adult patients, because it is a piece of transparent silicone “invisible to the eye.” Additionally, it is usually associated with the “avoidance of metal braces’ discomfort.”


To close the article, we’d like to emphasize the importance of only recurring to clinics and centers authorized to perform such treatments – which must have orthodontists and not dentists). Also, it is essential to accompany any measure with non-harmful customs for your posture and joints, as well as meditation or even yoga.

We hope we have been of help in your journey, remember that we are continually creating interesting content tailor-made for you; so don’t forget to check out the rest of our articles.

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