Save power and improve indoor air quality 

Most of the people across the globe spend a significant amount of time indoor either home or office. Indoor air quality can affect the health and overall wellbeing of the occupants. To promote good health, it is crucial to keep the air inside and around your building clean, safe, and fresh. Nowadays, every new technology has been introduced in the marketplace to fight against the redundant harmful particles inside the home and the workplace and keep the environment clean. UVGI system (ระบบ uvgi, which is the term in Thai) is one such extremely effective and safe way to improve and maintain indoor air quality. With the help of the latest technology, you can keep poor air quality-related health conditions such as headaches, dizziness, and fatigue, irritation of your eyes, respiratory conditions, heart disease, allergy, etc.

Choose wisely

The widespread demand for UV light disinfectant has encouraged many reputable manufacturers to offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for cleaning and energy-saving products. UVGI system can be used for a wide range of applications such as residence, commercial, hospitals, hospitality industry, cold storage, industrial kitchens, auditorium, airport, etc. For smooth and effective disinfectant experience, read the reviews of the products, brand reputation, and reputation of the dealer from whom you have intended to buy the product and then make informed decisions.

Read products detail

Go through the product details and get relevant information such as specification, method of operation, installation procedure, replacement options, and maintenance instruction. Compare the price offered by a few reputable dealers and choose the best deal.

Potential benefits

Most of the industries are now replacing the traditional disinfectant method with the UV light, which is divided into UVA, UVB, and Vacuum UV. Some of the benefits of UVGI system are 

  • Once installed properly eliminate the biofilm, mold, fungi, and microbes from the coil
  • Encourage green building by reducing water consumption and wastewater cost and chemical use in AHU
  • Improved Heat Transfer Efficiency up to 20 %

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