Rejuvenate Your Face with the Fine Thread Lifting Treatment

Aging brings in wrinkles on a face. It is quite obvious that a person develops saggy skin near the nose and mouth lines. One can make use of both the surgical and non-surgical treatment methods to lift their saggy facial skin. It is generally found that people quite usually browse to look for the Fine Thread Lifting in “Khon Kaen” treatment either surgically or the non-surgical way.

Places where this Treatment can be Ideally used:

  • Eye bags
  • Drooping eyebrows in the upper regions
  • Sagging jowls

Fine Thread Lifting in “Khon Kaen” (ร้อยไหม ขอนแก่น, which is the term in Thai) treatment helps in lifting the targeted areas of the face. It works to stimulate the ongoing collagen along with elastin production. Therefore, the skin automatically appears to look and feel comparatively firmer. It smoothens up all the wrinkles of the face by tightening the skin. Therefore, even the jawlines get defined with the naturally lifted results. Anesthetic skin cream is applied on the face after which the fine needles are being inserted along with the threads in all the areas, which require some lifting treatment to be done. The entire work requires around an hour. The threads in the needle bring the repositioned skin and the facial tissue in the proper manner. Once the entire procedure gets completed, no cut or inclusion is left on the face. Hence, you would not be able to find the scar on the face.

Advantages of the Thread Lifting Treatment

This particular skin lifting treatment is considered to be very effective. The results of the treatment are evident in an instant manner. One can feel the improvement of the texture and toning of the skin. The procedure is always accompanied by positive feedbacks from all its users. Hence, adding to the safety profile, it leaves behind no particular visible mark of the treatment. The simple injections being placed just beneath the skin surface are used with some special threads. This further easily blends or dissolves in the human body. These threads are even being put in use in the various surgical operations of the heart. They are considered to be extremely versatile, which reflects some of the amazing results near the neck and facial areas.

No doubt that the Fine Thread Lifting in Khon Kaen delivers excellent results. So, why to worry now? Make use of the treatment to have a form and stronger profile even with the growing age.

Kenneth Bennett

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