Most Common Skin Disorders, Symptoms & Their Treatment 

What is a skin disorder? Skin disorders or diseases are the conditions that affect your skin. When a person is affected by any skin problem, they can observe changes on their skin, like rashes, inflammation, redness, itchiness, burning sensation, swelling, etc. 

What causes skin disorders? Skin diseases can be permanent or temporary and painful or painless, depending on various causes. There are different possible causes why your skin is affected with skin diseases, which are as follows:

Genetic factors –

Genetic factors are responsible for genetic disorders you may have received from your genes. For example, your skin can be affected by various skin problems due to genetic factors, such as congenital disabilities, chronic skin disease, developmental skin problems, etc. Mostly genetic skin disorders are permanent and cannot be cured. But it can be stopped from worsening with some treatments; you have acne treatment, and there are acne remover medications for the same.  

Bacterial infections –

Sometimes bacteria trapped inside the skin, pores, and hair follicles cause various skin infections. The most common skin infections are; impetigo, carbuncles, cellulitis, staph infections, boils, methicillin, folliculitis, etc. Bacterial skin infections occur when bacteria enter inside your skin due to a cut or a scratch on your skin. Getting cut or scratched on your skin increases the risk of bacterial infections. That’s why it is recommended that you use an antibiotic cream to clean the wounds. It keeps your skin moist and reduces the risk of diseases. Bacterial skin infections can be cured with treatments and medications. 

Viruses –

The viruses that come from one person’s body to others can cause viral infections. Different types of viral skin infections are; chickenpox, measles, warts, etc. Viral skin infections can be a severe issue, but they can be treated with medications. 

A weakened immune system –

People with weak immune systems or weak muscles, your body can also suffer from skin problems. A weak immune system causes inflammatory skin disease, known as dermatomyositis. Its symptoms include; having reddish or purplish rashes, little bumps on the skin, and dry or rough skin. The dermatomyositis skin disorder affects the shoulders, upper arms, neck, and back. 

So, these are the various causes of skin disorders or conditions. If you are suffering from skin problems, first you should find out why to know which disease your skin is suffering from. You can treat various skin problems with home treatments and skin care. You should follow a healthy diet and regular skincare routine to protect your skin from different skin conditions. You should add healthy and energy-giving food to your diet, which can help to cure various skin diseases. You should also follow a skincare routine to keep your skin healthy. Seek a dermatologist consultation if you need to get more insight into taking care of your skin. 

And suppose the skin disease is quite severe or harmful. In this case, you should immediately consult with a skin specialist or a dermatologist to give the necessary treatment to your skin on time. Proper medication and therapy are required to cure harmful skin disorders or diseases. You can also consult your skin disorders with a skin specialist using an online skincare and treatment app. 

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