Meditation Online Can Fit Into Anyone’s Day Thanks to Glo’s Unique Approach

There are many modern ways to practice the ancient art of meditation. Glo offers a unique experience because they produce versatile meditation online videos. The company encourages inner discovery with their new methods, which are put together with different teachers. The instructors at Glo have developed meditation for relaxation, mental strength, and more profound subjects, such as forgiveness and bravery. What makes Glo’s presentations special is they come in audio format, video, and downloadable. Because you can download the programs, you can listen to them at a park, in the forest, or any other location where there is no wi-fi. The programs can be put on a cell phone, tablet, or laptop.

If you are wondering if the experience is for you, Glo makes it easy to sample their works. They offer a free trial period; it’s a little over two weeks. During that time, you are welcome to explore all of their channels. Besides producing meditation online programs, the team has assembled yoga and Pilates workout programs too. Glo is serious about creating well-rounded, healthy human beings. They have put together empowering teachers that inspire and nurture people to reach for the stars.

Two to Five-Minute Meditations

Meditation online can fit into anyone’s busy schedule. If you have a few extra minutes in your day, you can get some quality mind time in. If you have five minutes in the morning, enjoy the kick-off meditation. It sets you up with a resilient mindset. You will walk away feeling refreshed and ready to tackle anything. If lunchtime is when you have a few extra minutes, meditate with Ms. Brower and learn how to expect miracles. In the evening, use meditation online for two minutes to unwind your mind and prepare your body for sleep. Some of the other two-minute productions cover breathing and calmness. They are handy to have available when you find yourself out of balance during the day.

Ten-Minute Meditations

For a little bit longer session, Glo meditation online can help you with personal challenges. If you play sports, take 10 minutes to put your game face on. Nerves can get the best of anyone right before a competition, but take along Glo’s download to listen to right before your event to soften any edges. This program can leave you peaceful but alert and ready to concentrate on your task.

Mr. Wagner uses meditation online to teach people how to practice. He encourages self-appreciation. Most individuals rarely take the time to acknowledge themselves, but Wagner explains how you can use meditation for a better outlook on life.

Longer Meditations

Some days sitting with a more extended meditation can really help. Glo has 20-minute audios, and during those moments, the instructor has plenty of time to cover situations and topics deeply. After a long week or a tough day, take time to release negative feelings, and shower yourself with gratitude. You will be letting go of thoughts that do not serve you while refilling your energy tank with heart-based gratitude. Glo has a 20-minute walking audio that makes the most of your time. This piece can take you out of the office or living room and get you into the fresh air where you can renew your spirit with mindfulness.


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Whatever is surrounding you, be it world events, the nonstop stream of your thoughts, or the evidence of a life fully lived scattered across the carpet – it’s all part of your practice. The challenge isn’t to find a space devoid of it all but to set up your mat in spite of it all, knowing that the journey you are taking is within. Now more than ever we see you making your practice work with creativity and adaptability, whether you’re dealing with cramped spaces, visual distractions, or repeated interruptions from your tiny two-legged or four-legged housemates. Keep practicing and keep sharing it with us. Your dedication is an inspiration and we’re honored to be a part of it. 📸: @swedishvagamom

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