Learn More About Botox And Things You Should Know

Like Medicine and other areas of the biological sciences, the field of Dentistry continues to advance. Increasingly, new technologies and strategies are defined, discovered, and improved to improve patients’ quality of life. And one of them is Botox.

Still, little known by the general public, this highly specialized technique brings a series of benefits to the health – both physical and mental – of patients, contributing to the improvement of self-esteem and the treatment of various oral problems.

What Is Botox?

When we talk about botox like Jawline Botox (botox กราม which is the term in Thai), we immediately think of those famous aesthetic skin treatments. Indeed, botulinum toxin is an old acquaintance to people thanks to such an application — but that is not the only advantage it can offer.

Despite the impression that this name can cause, the substance is not harmful to our health when used in specific procedures. It is even used with great success in the treatment of certain diseases, such as neurological disorders.

Botox (as it is popularly known) can also be used in dentistry. In this case, the procedure is performed exclusively by qualified dental surgeons and is entirely safe, duly authorized by Organs competent bodies.

How Does This Treatment Work, And What Are Its Benefits?

Treatment with botulinum toxin has several very different actions. In aesthetic treatments, it works to reduce and smooth wrinkles and expression lines. However, it also has a high relaxation power on muscles and nerves — which can be excellent for dental treatments.

By blocking some specific neurotransmitters, botox helps to reduce particular pain and discomfort, something very common in dental practice. This type of complaint is responsible for reducing the quality of life of many patients, affecting their daily lives.

In addition, Botox can harmonize the face and make the smile much prettier, reducing problems with self-esteem and restoring confidence to patients who undergo the treatment.

Kenneth Bennett

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