Know About the Famous Weed Delivery Ottawa

The weed delivery service in Ottawa is very famous among customers for its convenient delivery hours and variety of products. So let us find out some of those products that are so famous among the buyers.

Kerosene Crash 28g

This product has the genetics of The White Bus and Sour Diesel. The grade is AA and the type is Indica. The THC content is from 18 to 21%. The effects include relaxation, euphoria, and happiness. It provides medical benefits for tension, insomnia, chronic pain, stress, and depression.

Muerte (AAAA)

The genetics of this product is an unknown cross of Death Bubba. The type is Indica and the THC content is 23 to 28%. Effects include Euphoria, relaxation, upliftment, and so on. It provides medical benefits for depression, fatigue, anxiety, and migraines. El Muerte is also referred to as “The Death”. It is a hybrid strain because it has 30% Sativa and 70% Indica. Although its parentage of it is not known fully, it is a favorite of patients and breeders alike for its super heavy effects and potency of the high level of it. The high arrives hard and fast. It smashes into your brain of yours almost as quickly as you exhale it with a cerebral energy of lifted sense. This energy fades away quickly and is replaced by unfocused haziness which can have the users feeling slightly sleepy sometimes. As your mind of yours fades in & out, the heavy body high can start to creep into your limbs of yours. It locks one to the couch & leaves you sedated fully before you even know it. With the hard-hitting effects & the high average THC level of 20 to 25%, El Muerte is chosen often for treating arthritis, migraines, and other above-mentioned medical conditions. The bud consists of a fruity flavor that is classic along with hints of spicy herbs and skunky diesel. The Aroma of it is very similar. However, it is earthy and heavily pungent too. The buds of El Muerte have forest green nugs that are grape shaped and consist of lots of Amber hairs that are thin & a coating of frosty tiny white crystal trichomes that are amber-tinted.


MK Ultra is one Indica dominant strain of medicinal marijuana that has cerebral effects that are Ultra strong. It’s created by crossing variety G-13 of Indica & variety Sativa OG Kush. This is one indoor plant that has an average yield & a short height. There is a leafy appearance to it which is of green color and has hues of orange and brown. Its THC level of it is 18%. It has a pungent flavor which is typically a blend of earthy and skunk.

Mk Ultra is one incredible hard-hitting strain. It has a strange and strong odor. This is well known for the hypnotic powers it holds which immediately affect your brain system of yours. It will help you relax for an entire day because it calms your nerves of yours instantly &you will feel drowsy.

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