Is Surbex zinc safe? 

Safety of drugs and supplements has been questioned numerous times in society. With vast information available and accessibility to medicine content, people nowadays are much more aware with the symptoms they’re having or the medicine they’re taking. However, as we know, there are always pros and cons in any given situation. Misleading information and false facts widely available, might give out wrong ideas or treatment. Worst, self-diagnosing and self-treatment without advice and supervision from the medical authority. One of the famous dietary supplements is Surbex zinc. We will be talking more on the safety relating to this.

First thing first, we need to know what exactly Surbex zinc consists of. Surbex Zinc is a combination of the 8 essentials vitamin B or often called a B complex and zinc that functions to improve the body function such as brain, nerve, heart and muscle. This supplement is further enhanced with the powerful antioxidants of vitamin C and E.

Back to the question of how safe is Surbex zinc. In short, it is definitely, no doubt, safe! All types of the Vitamin B in general are water soluble. Water soluble vitamins are excreted through processes in the renal system and into the urine. Since this supplement contains vitamin B complex and vitamin C, these vitamins will be eliminated from the body safely as all are water soluble vitamins. Not to forget zinc and vitamin E in the supplements, it will be excreted or eliminated through the faeces. Since all of these would not be stored in the body for long and excreted quite rapidly, in general, the excess would not harm the body.

The most important part of making the Surbex zinc safe is the content of all vitamins that are within the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA). RDA is a set of nutrition values that has been researched on and regulated by the US Food and Drugs. This has been a reference around the globe including World Health Organisation (WHO) to make sure people know how much nutrients the body needs to keep themselves healthy. RDA plays important roles as a guide for pharmaceutical companies developing medicine and health products.

However, as much as this Surbex zinc seems effective and safe, we need to note that only by taking this supplement according to instructions or doctor advice, can only bring benefits. The recommended dose is one tablet a day and taken after a meal. You must also remember to store it in dark and cool places, avoiding direct sunlight as to preserve the goodness of the Surbex zinc from spoilt.

What happens if you take more than one tablet a day and for quite a long time? In general, you probably would experience headaches of a variety of intensity, nauseous, indigestion and hypersensitivity skin that may cause your skin to become easily irritated, itchy, burning, redness and dry skin. You may also experience sleep problems and neuropathy symptoms such as numbness on tingling of the limb. In severe cases, you might catch diseases such as ulcer in the intestine or fatty liver.

Before taking Surbex Zinc, you need to consult your physician if you are taking other medicine or having other serious health problems. People with a history of allergy need to make sure they are not allergic to the contents in this supplement. Cautious need to be taken for people taking antibiotics since some antibiotics may interfere with the effectiveness of zinc and antibiotic itself. People with rheumatoid arthritis might want to take this supplement 2 hours before or after taking penicillamine because zinc might affect the body absorbing penicillamine.


Kenneth Bennett

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