Importance of Pre-Conception Care in Baby Planning

The first step towards a healthy baby is ensuring good maternal health. At least 15% to 20% of clinically recognized pregnancies are naturally aborted in the first trimester itself, says an article on National Health Portal. This is why health is a crucial aspect even before pregnancy begins.

Why is Pre-Conception Care Important

Most women become conscious about their health and environment when they conceive. However, leading researchers have introduced the concept of health care before pregnancy, which shows that lifestyle choices much before you are pregnant are important. The best fertility centres in Hyderabad and across India agree that many pregnancies are not planned, which could at times lead to underweight babies or early birth. 

Here are a few other reasons why you should prepare for a safe pregnancy.

  • Pre-conception care includes health checkups to detect problems that could be a potential threat to you and your unborn child. These include diabetes, whooping cough, herpes, CMV (another form of herpes), syphilis and so on. They can get transmitted from the mother to the fetus, which would lead to spontaneous abortion. 
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption are just as bad before pregnancy as they after conception. As part of pre-pregnancy care, both parents-to-be should work on quitting these habits, so thattoxins can be eliminated from the body. This will ensure that the entire pregnancy, from the embryo to the foetusand finally childbirth, is safe and healthy for both mother and child.
  • Folic acid is important for a healthy pregnancy. As part of your pre-conception care, consult your doctor about increasing the amount of folic acid intake to eliminate the chances of neural tube defect (NTD). NTD can damage the baby’s spinal cord, skull and brain. Babies with severe NTD do not live long after birth. Folate is basically Vitamin B, which is found in certain foods. Doctors recommend the consumption of foods rich in Folate or vitamin supplements containing folic acid every day for at least 2 months before pregnancy.
  • Getting up to date on vaccinations, like MMR for rubella, is crucial to protect your child against serious health issues. You should also consider pre-pregnancy blood tests to ensure that you are immune to certain diseases. It is a good idea to talk to your doctor about the vaccines needed before you become pregnant.
  • Mental health is also an important part of pre-pregnancy care. A healthy mental state is known to have a positive impact on motherhood. Stress, anxiety, agitation and other strong or negative emotions can have an impact on the development of the foetus. Stress is an important factor that affects fertility too. Along with physical preparations, make sure you and your partner are free of mental strain before you plan a child.

Consider starting preparationsto plan a family at least 3 months before youstart trying to conceive. Visit the best fertility centre in Hyderabad for professional advice on pregnancy planning.

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