How To Prep Your Skin Before Makeup And Why It Is Important

We should love our bare faces as much as we love them with makeup. Because the makeup is temporary, it will come off in just a few wipes, and our skin will remain the same forever. Therefore, we must pamper it as much as possible before applying makeup. Before applying makeup, follow your skincare routine to avoid uneven, patchy skin coverage that wears off too quickly. When the skin gets prepared before applying makeup, it helps the makeup last much longer than usual and makes it easier to use all the makeup products. Only through our skincare and pre-makeup prep will the makeup go on smoothly. If you need assistance, it is best to contact board-recognized dermatologists online.

How should you prep your face before applying makeup?

Cleanse your face.

It is a pretty essential step and can still make all the difference. Always start your prep by cleansing your face with a mild cleanser for about 30 seconds so that all the dirt, oil, and gunk can clog your pores when you apply the makeup, so you have to get rid of it. Don’t forget to wash your neck as well. Then, with a towel, pat dry. 


You should remove dead skin cell buildup because it can cause clogged pores, uneven skin tone, dullness, and skin discoloration. Regular exfoliation will give you skin that is smooth and radiant. Ideally, it would be best if you exfoliate to have a clean base for applying makeup. Be it a chemical or physical exfoliation, whichever suits you, use it to take a step ahead to get smooth skin perfect for your makeup. When trying to cure acne, choose an effective exfoliator.


Water hydrates and plumps skin cells by quenching their dullness and dryness because it is absorbent and seeps into the skin. So using a face mist after applying skincare and moisturizer will help them penetrate the skin more deeply. You can even keep the moisture handy to apply after makeup for hydration.


Utilize a moisturizer according to your skin type to properly hydrate your skin so that your makeup will glide on smoothly. Apply moisturizer to your skin by patting it on. No matter what kind of skin you have, moisturizer is a must. Also, don’t forget to apply a good SPF for sun protection if you wear makeup during the day. 

Lip balm

To wear that lipstick confidently, you must take diligent care of your lips. Your lips also require consideration. Lipstick may appear flaky or even peel off due to dry lips. After exfoliation, get a lip scrub and scrub your lips for two to three minutes. After that, use a lip balm with SPF to hydrate and shield your lips.

Eye cream

You must apply under-eye cream whether you have dark circles or not. Take care of those eyes with a thin eye cream. The eye cream moisturizes the area around the eyes and evens the skin tone. You need to apply eye cream before your moisturizer.

And that’s it; your canvas is ready to paint a beautiful picture. You will see a 360-degree change in your skin as well as in your makeup.

Kenneth Bennett

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