How To Approach UK Market And Communicate On Paid Surveys As A Specialized Doctor?

Just after BREXIT, the faculty of medicine has been majorly affected. The focus of many international specialized doctors has been shifted to United Kingdom, especially for those who are under paid in their country of origin. But, in order to tap the UK medicine faculty there is an array of exams and certifications that are mandate for any specialized doctor. 

To start with, following is the list of examinations and verifications including Cost of the Standard Pathway to Working as a Doctor in United Kingdom are as follows: 

  • OET Exam
  • PLAB1 Exam
  • EPIC Verification
  • PLAB2 Exam
  • Tourist Visa applicable for PLAB2 Exam
  • Flight ticket for a round trip to UK
  • Cost of living
  • GMC Registration

Considering the average expenditure, a doctor might have to spend around $6000 considering every exam and verification mentioned above. However, the amount isn’t huge if you compare the same with US residency or USMLE which is pathway to US medicine faculty. 

As a matter of fact, many doctors register for different forums to participate in the paid surveys conducted in UK region. Doctors can register to different forums like SERMO or Facemedicine which is a paid survey platform that invited specialized doctors to answer the surveys to serve the local community. 

So if your focus has shifted from US residency to UK medicine faculty, you might want to start preparing for the examinations to enter the UK region and be part of the paid surveys too. Paid surveys might not be your initial focus, but it definitely helps in marketing your specialist and your name in the local community. 

At the end, the oath is to serve the people whether it’s UK region or any other. And paid surveys might just help you to uplift your voice in the medical industry of UK. By the time, you become a regular communicated doctor on the paid surveys; you might be able to acquire good reputation in your specialty. 

Kenneth Bennett

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