How does laser hair elimination work?

Laser hair elimination works by routing high levels of light energy into the hair follicle to destroy it. The process targets the pigment in the hair, which, when damaged, stops the hair from expanding at a regular price. With several treatments, the hair follicles will quit creating hair entirely.

Do remember that, although Laser Hair Removal [กํา จัด ขน ถาวร, which is the term in Thai] is a lasting hair removal remedy, our bodies develop new hair roots throughout our lives. For that reason, laser hair removal does not necessarily cause 100 percent hair-free skin. Rather, think about it as a therapy for long-term hair decrease.

What are the advantages of laser hair removal?

Lasers are a suitable option for those seeking to get rid of unwanted hair from the legs, chin, arms, back, underarm, face, swimwear line, as well as virtually any other area on the body. Here are simply some of the advantages of this exceptional hair elimination remedy:

  • No more trouble

Traditional hair removal strategies like cutting as well as waxing are taxing and fussy. And also, they can cause ingrown hairs, bumps, scars, and irregular skin tone. The laser takes the fuss out of hair elimination for softer, smoother skin, so you are cost-free to do everything.

  • Greater precision

Waxing, cutting, as well as other hair removal techniques, can damage the bordering skin. Laser, on the other hand, targets the hair, leaving your skin free of inflammation.

  • Quick treatment time

Unlike electrolysis, laser hair elimination is very rapid. Each pulse of the laser takes simply a fraction of a second and can attack several hairs concurrently. Tiny areas can be treated in less than 10 minutes. Larger locations, such as the legs, may take an hour approximately.

  • Foreseeable results

The scientific research behind laser hair elimination guarantees you embark on your hair decrease trip with self-confidence. Most people attain their preferred results with 2-6 treatments spaced 12-16 weeks apart. This timing permits your professional to target unwanted hair at the optimum time throughout the hair development cycle.

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