How Can You Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Sometimes you won’t know what type of drug test you will have and that can be a problem because you won’t have enough time to deal with it when you figure it out. The hair follicle and urine test are much different and the process of getting it out of your system is different. Also, the urine test isn’t that much reliable and it is easier to pass it. There are products which can help you get rid of all negative toxins in one day.

Until new tests come on the market you will have to deal with what they have now. But, you shouldn’t worry about not being able to mask the drugs you’ve took because there is always a way to get it out of your system on time. So, the important question is how to pass a hair follicle test? There are only a few ways to do it and most of them will require a shampoo meant for this occasion.

Online Products

Many websites that support weed smokers have a lot of home remedies that should help you with passing the test but most of them include products that you can find in online stores. There are more options for your urine test but that is why companies are starting to use hair follicle test more. The second reason why they use is precision.

There isn’t a perfect product that will work for every person so you should read more on forums where people show their experience with a specific product. If you want to make sure you will pass it then you should spend a little bit more on them because the products can be very expensive. A good thing is that you can use them multiple times.

The last thing to remember is to use it the right way. Home remedies you can find online will include other ingredients besides the shampoo that are meant to regenerate your hair follicle. Every shampoo will do damage to your hair so you will need something to keep it healthy. Always wash your hair a few times with the product you took. The number will depend on how heavily you smoke. Even when it comes to other drugs, you should wash your hair at least 3 to 4 times.

How They Work?

In the past years, we saw an expansion of these products because the market grew over the years. A good thing is that the competition is forcing others to make a better product. There are usually three steps that will solve your problem. Because there are three steps it means you have to wash your hair multiple times. The first step will only clean your hair from external barriers like hair spray or any other thing that can affect the outcome. You can do this by washing your hair with a normal shampoo but these are also doing a great job.

The second step will depend on the product. Some will do a lot of damage to your hair follicle but also destroy the metabolite that can show on the test. Others will make a barrier that will make the results clear of any drugs. It is a type of sealer that will seal the hair so the tester won’t be able to come to the metabolites.

A third step is a conditioner. After the stress, your hair is going through you will need something that will make it look and feel natural. They won’t let you take the test if they realize something is wrong with your hair or they will just use the hair from other parts of your body. Some testers know how to notice the detox products on your hair. But, after applying it multiple times with the conditioner it will be more difficult to recognize the detox shampoo.

Why Would an Employer Give You a Hair Follicle Test?

It is becoming a routine to be tested in a couple of years but when something dangerous happens and the company you should expect testing. They will try to determine if drugs were the cause of the damage. Because blood testing is very expensive when you have a lot of employees, urine tests were most popular for a long time. Technology improved over time and testing is becoming less expensive which means they can move to other options.

Hair follicle test is the second cheapest so most of the companies can afford it. But, the main reason why are switching to it is that they are almost 10 times more accurate. Almost 80% of the users are able to pass the urine test by using products. Only certain jobs will require a test like this because they want to be sure about the results. It is much hard to cheat on it because nothing that you drink or eat will alter the results.

What They Won’t Check?

Most owners will look for marijuana or cocaine users. The test will show the results for many types of drugs like opioids but there are some that won’t be included in the test. If you are an anabolic steroid user you will be clean when the results come and they usually won’t be considered as a drug that will influence your work. LSD and mushrooms are drugs that can affect your work a lot but still, there are specific tests for them but they are too expensive. Some people have to use steroids for medical purposes so you should copy all of your prescriptions and give it to the tester.

Some drugs will stay for a long time in your system but they will check only last 90 days. You need to know when to take it last time. When it comes to marijuana it will be out of your hair after 100 days until new grows enough so it won’t be a part of the sample. Stronger drugs will last longer and in most cases, you will need to use products to pass it.Read more here.

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