How Can You Get the Whitest Teeth at Home?

Most everyone wants a smile that makes them feel confident. Beautifully white teeth make smiles look more attractive and help people to feel confident smiling at the world. With a high quality teeth whitening pen from Smile Pro, individuals can rest assured their smile can be made beautiful white without the expensive costs of dental whitening treatments.

How Does a Whitening Pen Work?

Having white teeth allows individuals to feel fully confident in their smile appearance. Unfortunately, time is not always kind to a person’s smile and can leave behind major staining that causes individuals to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Using a whitening gel pen can dramatically whiten a person’s teeth with ease. These pens are safe for use and can be used in the comfort of a person’s own home, at any time.

To ensure the whitening pen can whiten the teeth, individuals first need to make sure they carefully brush. Brushing the teeth before treatment will remove any food particles and other debris that could prevent the whitening gel from penetrating into the dentin area of the teeth, where the stains are usually trapped. Teeth whitening begins with first applying the special gel via the easy to use pen. If a person has ever painted with a small brush, they will find painting their teeth with the whitening pen to be extremely easy. Because the whitening gel is thick, it will remain in place without running onto the cheeks, lips, and gum tissue.

As with any whitening treatment, individuals need to make sure they follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Improper use will lead to lackluster results and possible irritation. The teeth whitening gel should be carefully timed and removed within an hour or less.

How to Get Amazing Results at Home

Getting the best results involves careful use of the pen. The pen can be used multiple times according to the package directions. It is important to space out the treatments according to the instructions for the best results. Once the desired shade is achieved, individuals will need to plan on performing maintenance treatments at different intervals.

To keep stains at bay, individuals should make sure they brush their teeth after every meal, especially when eating certain foods that are known to cause stains. Berries, wine, coffee, carrots, and smoking can all cause stains. By avoiding smoking and brushing often, stains will be kept away from the teeth.

It is also crucial individuals see their dentist as often as recommended. A person’s teeth will not remain a beautiful white unless they are healthy. Routine dental visits help to remove the substances that can lead to cavities and staining.

Those who are interested in removing their stubborn tooth stains and having that beautiful smile they have always wanted should consider at-home whitening pens. This is the most convenient way of whitening the teeth at a fraction of the cost of dental treatments. With this pen, a person’s smile can be made beautiful again.

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