Hitting Rock Bottom: Realizing It’s Time to Get Help

Drug and alcohol addiction destroys families and diminishes the addict’s health. For so many addicts, it is necessary for them to hit rock bottom and go to extremes before they realize that they need professional help with addiction. Reviewing instances when addicts have their epiphany might show others what they can avoid by getting the help they need.

Is Your Family Estranged from You?

Addiction often leads to estranged families and the end of relationships. The estrangements often lead to loneliness, depression, and the point within the addiction that the individual will face the most complicated health risks. However, addicts who realize that their addiction is the root cause of the estrangement might realize that professional help is the only road back to their relationships and could help them rejoin their families through the beginning of a new life.

Have You Lost Your Job?

Severe addiction often leads to a failure to complete work duties and absences from work that could lead to termination of employment. The lack of financial support could lead the addict down a path that causes them to participate in dangerous behavior patterns and activities to feed their addiction. This could include risky sexual behaviors and criminal acts. Addicts who are desperate to get their substance of choice are more likely to steal valuables and money from loved ones to pay for the drugs or alcohol. For some, it is the loss of their job and income that is the turning point that helps them discover that help is the only way.

Has the Law Entered Your Life Because of Your Addiction?

Once addicts start breaking the law, it is likely that the individual will be charged with a crime. While some families aren’t as likely to report thefts, store owners, businesses, and unfortunate bystanders will. Addicts who turn to prostitution to get drugs will also face criminal charges when their crimes are discovered. It is when their freedom is threatened that some individuals realize that they need help with addiction in Portsmouth to change their lives and recover from addiction. Unfortunately for some, it takes the law getting involved and facing the impact of a conviction that they choose to change their lives.

Have You Realized the Health Complications Caused by Addiction?

The plethora of health conditions that result from alcoholism and drug addiction are widespread. The exact substance of choice dictates the type of health crises the addict will face in their life. Alcoholism leads to cirrhosis of the liver, gastrointestinal diseases, and an increased risk of colon cancer. Controlled substances cause brain-related disorders, excessive weight loss, cancer, and death. An overdose could kill the addict instantly if emergency medical treatment isn’t provided.

Individuals suffering from an addiction often hit rock bottom before they have the realization that professional help is the only answer. Hitting rock bottom often involves losing their family, their job, and suffering severe health crises. For some, rock bottom becomes a matter of life and death. Individuals who have a drug or alcohol addiction and want help contact an addiction counselor now.

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