Hair loss has become a common problem nowadays globally. Prevalence of hair loss is increasing day by day so as the discussions and posts of hair loss on internet. Hair transplant is the only procedure for hair loss which can deliver permanent results and natural look. Hair transplant procedure is a minimally invasive surgery which involves shifting of hair follicular grafts from donor area (back and side of the head) to the recipient area.

Hair transplant in Delhi has become very popular because of growing demand of the procedure. Hair transplant cost in Delhi is very affordable as compared to other parts of the country due to strong competition.

While opting for hair transplant people have certain doubts regarding the procedures and search for their answers to be confident about the procedure.

Here are the few questions which are very frequently asked by the hair loss sufferers including:

Q: When can I opt for the procedure?

Ans: If you are facing alarming signs of hair loss it is always better to consult doctor for assessment of the cause of hair loss. Based on the diagnosis of cause of hair loss and assessment of scalp your candidature for hair loss is confirmed.  In case you are encountering bald patches it’s high time you should book appointment for consultation.

Q: Which surgeon is best for hair transplant?

Ans: Finding a competent surgeon is the most crucial step before undergoing the procedure. A surgeon should carry a super specialty degree in cosmetic surgery including certification for performing hair transplant. The surgeon you are opting should have ample experience at least of more than 10 years. It is always better if the surgeon is renowned and famous for his work which will assure you for desirable outcome.

Q: Why we need an expert surgeon?

Ans: Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure and need high precision. When this procedure is performed by expert hand it will surely deliver permanent and natural results. Expertise and excellence in surgical and artistic skills ensures world class results.

Following are the reasons for which a competent surgeon is opted:

  • For assured results
  • For long term success
  • For natural and aesthetic results
  • For avoiding risks and complications

Q: How permanent are the results?

Ans: Yes, the results of hair transplantation are permanent. DHT sensitive hairs present in frontal and vertex area tend to shed under the genetic influence which causes hair loss. DHT resistant hair follicles present on the back and side of the head stay permanent and do not undergo hair loss. These DHT resistant hair follicles are transferred to desired bald recipient area for permanent results.

Q: Does hair transplant regenerate lost hair?

Ans: Hair transplant is often mistaken as regeneration procedure which can bring back the lost hair follicles which is not true. Hair transplant is purely a restoration procedure which involves transfer of follicles from one location to other.  There is no such procedure known to mankind which can regenerate the hair follicles.

Q: How much does hair transplant cost in Delhi?

Ans: Hair transplant is quite affordable in Delhi as compared to other metro cities. It varies from 70000 to 400000 INR per graft. Usually the clinics charge as per the graft which varies from 20-125 INR per graft. There are multiple factors on which cost of hair transplant vary including:

  1. Number of grafts required
  2. Technique of hair transplant cosmetic surgery opted
  3. Extent of baldness
  4. Experience, expertise and credentials of the hair transplant surgeon
  5. Reputation of the hair transplant clinic

Medispa hair transplant clinic is one such renowned hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur offering world class hair transplant results. We are equipped with latest technology and world class armamentarium for ensuring the best results. Hygiene and safety standards are maintained at its best and strict interventions are taken to avoid any complications.

Dr Suneet Soni is a recognized and reputed hair transplant surgeon based in Delhi. He has an experience of more than 13 years and is competent in performing any technique of hair transplant. He is specialized in combination technique of FUT and FUE and is the one to introduce biostimulated combination technique in Delhi and Jaipur.

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