Glow Naturally Using Natural Skincare Products: FRUDIA

Now natural skincare, natural glow with FRUDIA, from the Korean drugstores. Glowing in a healthy way is something that everybody wishes for. Now have flawless skin with zero acne following FRUDIA skincare routine. If passionate about skincare see products that are effective and affordable too. People should always access to brands and companies that match their morals and values that also provide ingredients and formulations that work for their skin.

What is FRUDIA?

The name is not Frudia. It was originally named “KAWAINARA” which means fruit land. Around four years ago they changed the name to FRUDIA where FRU stands for fruit and DIA means of or from Greek. It is basically of the fruit or from the fruit.

Reasoning behind it

The reasoning behind that is interesting. When it becomes to cosmetic chemistry most formulations start off with water. Water is the universal solvent and it`s in just about everything but that also means that you are paying a lot for products that have a lot of water in them especially when it comes to mists or toners. Verdia is flipping that on its head because the first ingredient is not water.


While looking for a fruit good for the skin FRUDIA is the only answer. You will be finding a very special fruit formula. Apart from that it delivers the nutrition of fruits from the seeds to the skin. FRUDIA always delivers nutrition of the whole fruit.

More about FRUDIA

Online the company has stated that its slogan is creating happiness through beauty. Their key philosophy is being derived from fruit. Founder’s story is quite interesting but they won`t tell you what his name is! This team essentially has been studying fruits and skincare for over 30 years but it was not until recently that they were able to perfect those formulas, put them into bottles and ship them out to people.

They tell this beautiful story of a man who went to France and he saw all jams and jellies being made. There he also noticed that the hands of the people who had their hands in the jams all day looked really smooth and he thought to himself what is that are in these plants or in these berries that are making these hands look so smooth and can be used for the rest of skin!

The extraction Process

The entire extraction process goes on in low temperature, containing every drop of pure fruit extract that makes the skin moist-tightening. Your skin will turn into a completely healthy and luminous glow. Beauty derived from fruits, FRUDIA. They actually have a system to extract the nutrients and the beneficial pieces of fruits and put those in as a first ingredient so their formulas are anywhere from sixty to ninety-five percent of the fruit. With these key fruits in mind, the brand actually created multi-sub lines based on each fruit, and these all are meant to target a different or a different concern within the skin.

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