Get the Best Treatment of Frozen Shoulder 

Have you ever had the feeling of stiffness around your shoulder? Worrying too much about its cause and symptoms. It is happening because you have a frozen shoulder. It usually numbs and stiffens your shoulder joint giving you immense pain. It is not a long-term problem. It will usually get resolved with care and caution. It is usually common for aged people ranging from 40 to 60 years of age. Certain diseases like diabetes can influence the formation of frozen shoulders. It is most commonly seen in women, and with a bit of physical therapy, it will cure.

 Surgical and Non Surgical treatment 

 There are two types of frozen shoulder treatment. It varies according to the patient’s condition. A frozen shoulder can be healed within a year. But the important thing is to ease the pain and help the patient move the shoulder.

    • With proper medicines and physical therapy, the shoulder’s mobility can get restore. Injecting certain fluid into the joint can help to make the movement of the shoulder more stable.
  • When the pain extends beyond control and the stiffness increases, it is better to opt for a surgical method. By stretching, the stiffness will be released and help you move your shoulder.

Risk of Surgical Treatment

There is always a risk of surgery. Hence it is very important to know the risk before getting any surgery. Consulting with the patient is very vital during the process of the surgery. It is necessary for the patient to See Details [ดูรายละเอียด Which is the term in Thai] about the risks and consequences of the entire surgery. The doctor should also list all the medicines required by the patient before operating. Thus it will be beneficial for both parties to understand the risk of choosing surgical treatment.

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