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Pilonidal Cyst is a tissue sac that is round in shape and completely filled with fluid or air. This is a common cyst that you can find near the crease of the buttocks. According to the experts, every year around seventy thousand cases of Pilonidal cysts are reported across the country. The issue arises when you get an infection in the cyst & it causes severe pain or discomfort & you need a good surgeon who can provide you with the best treatment for this issue. In case he advises you for surgery, you must check with the pilonidal cyst surgery cost to calculate your affordability.

Moreover, some people even feel embarrassed to speak to medical professionals about it. So, if you are going through this problem, we can help you by providing all information about this type of cyst. Here are some frequently asked queries and their replies that can clear all your doubts and help you understand the facts in a better way.

Can any person get a Pilonidal cyst?

Yes! Anyone can get this cyst but some people are at high risk as compared to the rest.

  • People who are obese and have a high BMI
  • People who have very thick and rough hair on their body
  • People who keep sitting all the day like those who go to the office daily & sit on their chairs all day long, or those who drive their vehicles to distant locations
  • People who like wearing very tight clothes
  • People especially men who hit the age of puberty

Is there any case of a hereditary Pilonidal cyst?

Yes, some cases showed the occurrence of the cyst as hereditary. So, if you are having one, you can discuss your case with your medical professional or in case someone in your family is a match to your genes, you must keep a check on it. This will help you know how the family history can play its part in determining whether you can get the cyst or not.

What are the reasons behind a pilonidal cyst?

The main cause behind the occurrence of a pilonidal Cyst is not known. Even the top medical practitioners are not so sure about what can be the reason behind this cyst but they just know the conditions that can cause the cyst to grow. They have mentioned the ingrown hairs as the major root cause behind the cyst and the infection that increases its size and inflames the cavity. In case you do not treat it on time, the abscess may worsen the condition resulting in chronic pain and discomfort. So, you must check with the top colorectal surgeons who can help you with the best treatment for the cyst. If you have to go for a removal procedure, you can check with the doctor who offers you an affordable pilonidal cyst surgery cost to keep it safe for your pocket too.

Can pregnant women complain of Pilonidal Cyst?

Well, the doctors believe that it is mostly men who complain about this cyst whereas women have low chances comparatively. But this does not mean that pregnant women cannot get the pilonidal cyst. In case they feel slight pain or discomfort near their buttock crease, they must consult their doctor and get checked. This may indeed be a sign of a cyst.

What are the ways of diagnosing the Pilonidal Cyst?

If you are feeling pain near your buttock crease, you must book an appointment with your doctor. He will give a complete physical examination and check the cause of your pain. In case there is a cyst, he shall know very easily as it can be seen with the naked eye. He will check if it’s oozing out or still like a small round structure that is growing inside. In some cases, like if there is any change in the appearance or any fluid coming out or any other symptom that is linked to other issues, your doctor will ask you to go for some advanced tests that will confirm the reports and let him know the main problem.

What is the best method to treat this type of cyst?

The best method to treat this type of cyst depends upon its current condition. Your doctor will plan your treatment program after checking it properly. Some of the major treatment programs include:

Making a small cut on the cyst and draining all the fluid from the cavity

Injecting certain compounds that can treat the cyst and prevent the recurrence

Antibiotics that help reduce the inflammation and relieve all that pain and tenderness

Laser removal of the hairs in that area that do not let the ingrown hair cause the cyst to grow again


So, now you have all the information related to the Pilonidal cyst and you can clear all the doubts easily. In case you have one on your body, you must consult the best colorectal surgeon across your city and book an appointment. I am sure that he will provide you with the best treatment program that resolves the problem and help you get rid of it completely. All you need to do is have faith in his expertise and stay positive.

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