Essential Supports for the online fitness program for You

The tips to make this great motivation last and turn into success. Because it is not enough to push the door of a fitness room to display shelves. It is still necessary to be diligent, but without excess, choose an adapted program, and master the gestures. Don’t panic, all of this can be learned.

Full body first

As we detailed in our article on the bodybuilding program for beginners, if you are starting bodybuilding, you have two options: full body or split. As the name suggests, full body consists of working the whole body during each session, while in split, each session is selectively dedicated to certain parts of the body.

We recommend the full body. For two reasons, a harmonious muscular development which will clearly improve your figure, and a faster progression, therefore motivating (each muscle working in a moderate way, it recovers faster). So book the split for later. The use of the online fitness program comes perfect there.

Never without my personalized exercise program

Our second tip: use a personalized program inspired by an existing program, because even if it is designed for beginners, it may not suit you. Any program must be adapted to your power, morphology and lifestyle.

The ideal is to get help from a coach to define the right exercises, reps, sequences, frequency, etc.

Master movement first

Do not rush. To progress, you will have to learn the right movements and master them at the risk of ruining your efforts, hurting yourself and being discouraged.

  • Many gym members drop out quickly because of flawed technique.
  • A good reason to watch our series of videos on the subject carefully.
  • Likewise, don’t start too heavy. Keep the pleasure of increasing the weights as you progress for guaranteed mass gain.

The gym, not every day

Admittedly, regularity is essential, but also allow yourself at least one day of rest between each session to give yourself time to recover. Remember that wanting to do too much is counterproductive. The right timing is therefore 3 sessions per week.

Obviously, choose your room wisely: the atmosphere counts, just like the equipment, the layout, the supervision, but also the ease of access (is it close enough to your home or workplace? Are they easily compatible with your schedule? Etc.).

5 exercises per session

At each session, perform 3 exercises that work on the large muscles (quadriceps, glutes, pectorals, etc.) and 2 exercises that work on the small muscles (triceps, etc.).

The ideal is to plan 3 different sessions that you reproduce from one week to the next, the time to acquire a good mastery of movements. You can then gradually increase the weights and vary the exercises.

3 then 4 sets of 10 reps

For each exercise, do 8 to 12 reps (15 to 20 for the thighs), to be repeated 3 times after a one-minute break (3 max). For reps, or repetitions, see our article: Beginner bodybuilding program: how many reps?

Be careful not to use too heavy a weight. The right weight is the one you can lift or push up to the set number of reps. Of course, you can also do bodybuilding without going to a gym, at home with dumbbells.

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Kenneth Bennett

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.