Choosing shampoo and conditioner

If women in NY closely monitor the condition of their skin, nails and hair, then men treat this carelessly. Usually, the hour of reckoning comes when the period of adolescence ends, maturity begins and the body begins to slowly declare its problems.

Care for men’s hair in New York is the basis for maintaining the image and neat appearance. Observance of elementary recommendations will allow to avoid dandruff, split ends and dry scalp. It does not matter whether you are the owner of a short male haircut or long hair: timely, correct care is the key to your health and beauty!

In order to choose the right men’s shampoo, it is necessary to determine the type of hair. Everything is simple here: if hair quickly becomes dirty and you have to wash it almost every day, then you should get shampoo for greasy hair. There is one little secret: use lacquer to keep your hair clean longer. For proper application, spray at the base of the roots. After styling, often try not to touch the hair with your hands, otherwise it will get dirty faster.

If the hair structure resembles straw, you need a shampoo for dry hair. Usually it moisturizes it and envelops the so-called protective film. After washing the hair becomes soft, radiant and supple.

Male shampoo 2 in 1 is an option for the lazy people. Try to avoid it and use a separate shampoo, and then air conditioning. Purchase products from the same manufacturer. As a rule, a complete formula for care has already been developed in the kit, and one tool organically complements the other.

Do not believe the intrusive advertising that a simple men’s shampoo can restore damaged hair. The fact is that the “dead” hair rods are not amenable to recovery, as they are an inanimate structure. Accordingly, it is impossible to reanimate them. The only way out is to cut badly damaged tips.


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