Brushing and Flossing: The Best Choices Now

Complementary to brushing, the dental water jet is fast becoming an “essential” oral hygiene. Ultra-trendy, this device will certainly restore radiance to your smile. Here is our selection of the best dental jets of the moment.

Hydropulsor, dental hydrojet 

The jet is used in addition to dental brushing it helps to increase efficiency. Because even after a good brushing, there are impurities on the gums and interdental spaces, and the wire or the brush is not enough.

By removing food debris and dental plaque, this type of dental cleaner allows the prevention of various pathologies, such as periodontitis, caries or bad breath. Here are our tips for choosing the water jet model that will suit you. You can choose from the water flossers now.

Our selection:

The Hangsun brand has developed a dental water jet particularly effective against dental plaque. This design model is also equipped with a “massage” function that gently solicits the gums to promote better blood circulation. Its tank “large capacity” (700 ml) makes the perfect accessory for the whole family.

Dentacare Handy EW1211W845 Oral Dispenser, Panasonic

The Panasonic EW1211W845 Oral Jet has a dual action “water and air” system. Result: your gums are massaged and cleaned, while being preserved, especially since we can choose one of three positions: soft, normal and powerful. It also helps fight against bacteria and dental plaque by removing tartar causing caries, preventing them from forming. His little plus: less bulky than his competitors, he can easily get carried away on the move or weekend. Its attractive price will eventually convince skeptics to test a water jet.

Jet Water Jet WP 100 Ultra, Waterpik

This top-of-the-line, modern-design model has ten levels of power control to massage and stimulate the gums. Level 5 is, for the most part, sufficient. His major asset? It has seven tips each with its specificity: one for implants and crowns, the other for dental devices. It even has a tongue scraper for fresh breath. According to laboratory tests, the Waterpik model is up to 93% more effective than the wire. A must have.

The WaterJet Oral-B Oral Water Jet

The Oral-B water jet, a brand recommended by many dentists, is one of the best-selling models currently. And for good reason: it allows to quickly eliminating food residues between the teeth, while stimulating and massaging the gums. It’s more, it offers two different cleaning modes, for a personalized experience. Mono-jet dislodges food residues from hard-to-reach areas, while multi-jet massages and stimulates the gums. You can also adjust the pressure of the jet of water on intense, for a more thorough and targeted cleaning. In short, this irrigator is the ideal partner after every brushing, for a healthier mouth and stays fresh longer.

Dental Jet Oral-B Oxyjet Md20, Braun

Thanks to the microbubble technology it is equipped with, this model of dental jet effectively attacks the dental plaque and overcomes the most recalcitrant bacteria. You also have the opportunity to adjust the power of the jet so as not to weaken your gums. Its storage tower can store the cannulas of all members of the family. In short, you have the essential tool to have perfectly cleaned teeth.

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