Best exercises to tone the glutes 

To tone your butt, you must first begin building up the gluteal muscles. Employ heavier loads to put additional pressure upon your muscle to strengthen it. Concentrate mostly on the dynamic strength workouts like squats leaps. Dynamic motions are beneficial because they generate more muscular stress when compared to static actions. As both muscles, as well as the joint, have been through a complete range of movement, this is the case. Squats, deadlifts and running are generally the types of exercise that a personal trainer London guides you about.

Exercises to tone glutes 

There are various exercises to tone an individual’s glutes, which tells us personal trainer London. They can even take training under the supervision of a personal trainer LondonThey will provide proper training in a professional manner. 

Following are the exercises:

  • Deadlift using dumbbells

Bend your knees a little bit and kneel. Lift a dumbbell in each hand with palms towards your body. Maintain a horizontal distance with your arms whilst gradually bending at the waist and thrusting your hips back to descend weights towards your feet. Avoid rounding the shoulders or back and move as far as possible. When you gently come to the standing position, squeeze the glutes.

  • Sumo squat using dumbbells

Sumo squat using dumbbells refers to keeping the feet pointing outside and weights next to your breast, posture with your legs broader than your shoulder width. Drop the hips whilst bending your knees. Hold the thighs equal to the ground and entire balance in the backs of the heels. Remain like this for 2 seconds and return to the initial lineup while clenching the glutes. These squats are also beneficial for the hamstring and lower back.

  • Dumbbell leg lifting and curtsy lunge

Lift weight to the right-hand side of the chest while standing having both legs hip-width spread. Maintain this forward posture having the shoulders and chest scaled back, and step back with your right ankle, attempting to cross behind your left leg. Lay quietly into something like a lunge and place all weight on the back of your front foot. Then, take a break of 2 seconds and get back to the initial position and elevate your right knee out. Do not lean on the left side while lifting the leg. Once per repetition, return the right leg to the beginning position. It is beneficial for the glutes and the hip abductors are also engaged in the process of bringing the thighs together and keeping you fitter.

  • Static front lunges with weights and pulse

Begin by stepping forth with the left foot while gently bending your knee. With the toes falling and the heel up, stretch the right leg backwards. Both the dumbbells must be positioned on the shoulders. Descend your entire body to the ground, bending the knees if they’re at a right angle. After 2 or 3 pulses, get back to the initial position for something like a complete repetition. Hips, buts, hamstrings and quadriceps get stronger when you practice this exercise regularly.


The above exercises will definitely help you to strengthen your glutes. One must take up this exercise only after the consultation with their personal trainer surrey.

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