India has a vast health care system and Indians have become more responsive to regular health care check-ups and management. Healthcare apps have brought a huge sea change in how patients relate to doctors. Apps have already empowered ordinary people to have more knowledge and say in their medical decisions. 

There are a few healthcare apps that offer prominent and comprehensive treatment services from finding specialists to booking doctor appointments online, diagnosis, post-care and rescheduling from a remote location. This saves travel time and costs to pursue different professionals at various centres. Apart from streamlining the treatment process these apps guide people towards the right health care providers. 

The process of visiting a doctor can be hectic and stressful. Long wait time at doctors’ and pathology labs can make a patient even sicker. The healthcare apps can be used to ease your mind, as your doctor visits and check-ups are systemized

Here are a few apps to find doctors online in India. 


Practo is a leading health and fitness app that offers you several commendable services such as finding the right doctor on ratings, location, feedback from other patients, medicines, supplements delivered to your doorstep or reorder easily, setting reminders for medicines, drinking enough water or taking a break at work. 

Doctor 24×7

Doctor 24×7 lets you speak instantly with licensed, qualified and experienced big city doctors and experts. This app lets you connect with qualified doctors instantly round the clock and is easy to use. Location or timing doesn’t matter with this app. You can call anywhere in India, 24 hours a day on all 365 days and reach a qualified, licensed doctor within minutes. 


Dorays is a prominent and easy to use app that reduces the wait and consultation time to zero. Find the best doctor near you and receive your e-token immediately. This app lets you locate the best diagnostic centres around to schedule your test & scans and also notifies when your appointment is due. You can also track your appointments and test report status online, retrieve the treatment history on the app and even get HD quality images of your reports on your mobile. With Dorays, cancellation and reschedule is made easy. 


With DocsApp you can get online doctor consultation in 30 minutes. This app helps you to recover at home and on time. You can start your consultation with your doctor via call or chat. Enter your details and health problem and your doctor will be appointed. Once the consultation is complete, the doctor will send your prescription online. 


This app lets you find trusted medical service from 1, 50,000 top healthcare providers and pathology labs associated with it. You can seek answers to your queries for free or get into one-on-one interaction with doctors on payment of fees online. You can find all major specialists and can either consult them online or book an appointment to visit the clinic at your preferred time. 

Article by Aarif Habeeb – Content and Outreach partner Dorays Technology. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn. 

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