An Ultimate Guide On Drug Testing For Synthetic Urine

Remember that drug tests, or screenings, are procedures that require taking biological specimens with an idea to check for presence of illegal drugs. The reasons for drug testing can be due to pre-employment screening, workplace checkup, and for other reasons as well.

Drug tests are checking for presence of illegal drugs in athletes, job applicants, participants of rehab programs, criminal offenders and others. If they detect illicit drugs in your system, you will have to endure some consequences.

The best way to pass a drug test is by knowing everything about them. The more you learn about drug tests, the better are chances that you will be able to prepare yourself with ease. 

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Different Types of Drug Tests

We have to start by saying that the type of drug test depends on the biological specimen used for checking the presence of illegal drugs. In most cases, we will differentiate the ones that you can use at home and professional ones that you have to complete in a certified lab.

Home Tests

Have in mind that some testing methods such as saliva and urine are simple to conduct at home. You have to find a home drug testing kits that are available both online and in local shops. 

Most of them come with strips so that you can check out for the presence of drugs within your household. The idea is to collect the sample of saliva or urine, dip the strip into it for a few minutes, based on instructions that you got within the kit.

After a while, you will be able to see what happened. As you can see, the process is highly convenient to use, and you will get detailed instructions within the package. The main problem with home kits is their inaccuracy and possibility to mislead you along the way.

Of course, you can find high-end kits that are more expensive, but they are also prone to mistakes unless you do it accordingly. We can differentiate various factors that may affect the overall results of the test.

Therefore, you have to conduct plenty of research before you start preparing. The main question people are asking online is whether home tests are accurate or not. The idea is that you will get perfect results as in the laboratory if you do it carefully.

However, some cheap ones can feature inaccurate and misleading considerations, and some external factors may affect the overall results.

Professional Tests

When it comes to expert tests, you should remember that they are conducted by professional laboratories and certified technicians. 

Therefore, it is a much more accurate solution than home kits and will provide you a comprehensive insight, but you have to spare more money than on home kits.

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  • Urinalysis – It is vital to understand that urinalysis is one of the most popular drug testing choices for both employers and federal industries. It is the only testing standard approved by FDA, and it is legally an accurate and efficient choice that will detect the presence of drugs that individuals consumed in short period. When compared with other tests such as blood and saliva, urinalysis does not check the presence of active substance such as THC, but its metabolites that enter the urine after active substance is processed by liver and kidneys. The window of detection depends on the type of drugs that you consumed, which means that cocaine will leave your urine in matter of days, while weed may linger for weeks depending on the frequency of consumption. At the same time, it is most straightforward test to beat, and you can find numerous ways to do it by following other people’s experiences.
  • Blood Test – One the other hand, this particular drug screening method is not popular among employers, but most law enforcement agencies are conducting it instead. The main problem is in invasiveness of procedure and expensive price tag that comes with it. Since active substances enter bloodstream in minutes after consumption, blood test is efficient in determining the current state of intoxication. On the other hand, it cannot identify the patterns of abuse as well as prolonged periods, since active substances leave the bloodstream in a few hours after consumption. That is why it is not efficient for workplaces.
  • Saliva – Saliva testing is similar to blood screening because it can detect only active substances that you consumed shortly beforehand. It is least invasive choice and highly affordable, which is why it became widely recognized by employers all across the USA. However, the problem lies in questionable accuracy and small detection window. First, you have to learn how to administer it, and if you choose a lab, you will be able to rest assured. Secondly, the period of detecting the presence of drugs is short and lasts only a few hours after the last consumption. The main reasons for its popularity are low costs and simplicity to administer it, but in most cases, the employer combines it with hair analysis to detect both short-term and long-term patterns of abuse.
  • Hair Follicle – Even though it is common choice for determining the DNK, hair analysis is also efficient way of determining the presence of drugs that someone used in the last three months. Since it is difficult to beat, employers started using it even if it comes with high price tag. The test will detect the presence of drug metabolites similarly as urinalysis. The hair test can provide relevant information about the patterns of drug use as well as presence of drugs. You will be able to pass the test by abstinence or with detox shampoo that will enter the scalp and remove unwanted metabolites that will make you fail the test. It is accurate solution, and you will be able to get results in matter of days after the technicians take your specimen. Remember that you should avoid shaving completely because that will affect your future within some company or with law enforcement.


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