7 Baby Care Tips for First Time Parents

The life of a woman changes as and when she gets to now that she is pregnant. Gradually as time passes, she tries to adopt a new lifestyle where she becomes more conscious about her health and her fitness. She accepts the changes in her body and tries to understand the needs and wants of her body. The husband too gets attached and behaves in a way that makes her feel comfortable and at ease.

 As she gives birth to a child, the wants and demands change all of a sudden. The woman starts taking care of the child more than herself. Both the parents become more conscious and start caring for the child. The parents start getting less amount of sleep as the sleeping cycle of the child is different from the adults.

Why Does A Newborn NeedCare?

Newbornbabycare is very difficult and time-consuming. This is one of the toughest phases of a woman’s life. The mother is always very conscious and gradually understands what her child needs. If the parents are first-timers, then it becomes challenging for them to understand what the baby wants. Therefore the mother should feed the child with breast milk after certain intervals. This is a simple health tip for children.

Tips For The First Time Parents

Here are some simple tips for the parents of a newborn that will guide them. This is also the best newborn baby care tips.

  1. Hand wash – Babies have a fragile immune system; therefore, the parents should be cautious before holding the child. Washing hands or using proper sanitizers before holding a child is compulsory. This keeps the infections away from the child.
  2. Fasten the belts of the carrier properly – It should always be kept in mind that the seat belts of the carriers should be adequately fastened before taking the child out. The child is very delicate. Sudden jerks may affect him a lot.
  3. Check the diapers from time to time – since the child cannot express his emotions; therefore, the parents must check their diapers from time to time. This will avoid the child catching a cough and cold.
  4. Support the backbone – The parents need to understand that the body parts, especially the spine, is very delicate. Therefore one should hold the child very carefully and give full support to the backbone.
  5. Do not shake harshly – The child should never be shaken severely. This often affects the nervous system of the child and can change them severely.
  6. Sponge bath – A baby must always be given a sponge bath in lukewarm water. This will give the child a soothing feel.
  7. 18-20 hours of sleep – A newborn child requires 18 to 20 hours of sleep. The parents should keep in mind this simple thing. This will help the child to grow correctly.

A newborn child cannot speak or express his emotions. The parents need to understand the requirements of the child through his expressions and cries.

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