5 Myths An ENT Doctor In and Out of Singapore will Debunk

There are many myths and misconceptions that any ENT doctor in Singapore and overseas would love to address. Most of these issues are common knowledge and practised by the mass population. Here are five myths about ENT that are false.

#1 It is safe to use cotton swabs to clean your ears.

Cotton swabs can cause earwax buildup and cause pressure on the eardrum. The ear canal is a section of the outer ear that transports sound waves from the outer ear to the eardrums. Ear cleaning is ensured by your natural jaw motions when speaking and eating.

#2 Tilting your head can stop your nose from bleeding.

Nasal bleeding is due to the rupturing of blood vessels in your nose. Any ENT doctor in and outside of Singapore will suggest stopping nose bleeding by squeezing your nose gently and leaning your head downwards and forwards with your mouth open.

#3 Hearing aids can cause more damage to your eardrums.

Damaged hair cells in the cochlea are the cause of hearing loss. A hearing aid is a tiny electronic device worn in or behind the ear that helps you hear better. On the other hand, an ENT doctor in and outside of Singapore will tell you that your hearing strength will last longer with hearing aids.

#4 It is safe to whisper when you have a sore throat.

A sore throat is almost always a sign of an illness. An ear, nose and throat specialist will tell you not to speak. Whispering can exacerbate the problem by placing additional strain on the vocal cords.

#5 You cannot cure tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a loud or ringing feeling that occurs inside your ears. It generally happens due to injury to the nerve that controls hearing. ENT doctors can treat tinnitus using various strategies, including counselling, hearing aids, relaxation techniques, and masking.

Dr Dennis Chua works as an ENT doctor at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre. He believes that medical professionals should approach personal well-being from a multidisciplinary and comprehensive perspective. The clinic also addresses sleep apnea in patients in Singapore. Call his clinic to make an appointment with him.

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