5 Foods to Strengthen Teeth

Constant brushing and flossing promote healthy teeth. This is something we constantly hear every time we go to our dental clinic. Proper oral hygiene removes sugars and food particles that favor the appearance of bacteria. If bacteria aren’t cleaned from the teeth’s surface, then it leads to plaque, and it can alter the tooth enamel. That, in turn, leads to cavities or even the appearance of periodontal disease.

Several studies show that besides good oral hygiene, one can add specific foods to their daily diet that keep the teeth healthy. Read on to discover the top foods that strengthen teeth and support oral health.

Foods with excellent Calcium content

The most nutrient for teeth health is calcium. Eating calcium-rich foods can strengthen teeth and improve bone health. You can add to your diet foods such as milk, cheese, Greek Yogurt, or sesame seeds. All these foods are perfect for strengthening teeth and preventing damage.

Foods with a high content of protein

Proteins can help the body in a multitude of ways. These compounds are necessary for building and repairing tissue. But at the same time, they favor better phosphorous absorption, which is essential for improving teeth and jaw strength. Also, protein-rich foods are excellent for balancing the pH in the mouth, which prevents the growth of bacteria. You can include in your diet foods like eggs, tofu, beans, nuts, or leafy legumes.

Foods with a high Vitamin D content

Vitamin D is necessary for normal Calcium intake and enamel development. If you have a Calcium deficiency, you are prone to have fragile bones and teeth. So, with the help of Vitamin D, calcium is absorbed by the body, while oral health is promoted. The best source for Vitamin D is fish, but you can add several other foods to your diet with this vitamin.

Foods with a high content of magnesium

Another compound great for strengthening teeth is magnesium. You can get this mineral in whole grains like rice, corn, or oats. But it is best to avoid processed grains, as those can have sugars in their compositions, which ultimately damages teeth.

Foods with Fluoride in their composition

Fluoride is a mineral essential for teeth health. It aids in preventing tooth decay, and it is usually featured in toothpaste. A great source of Fluoride to strengthen teeth is tea, especially green blends. Green tea features high amounts of polyphenol and Fluoride that shield the teeth and prevent plaque from forming.  


And, of course, drinking water and staying well hydrated is another tool for strengthening teeth. Drinking plenty of water can have similar effects as a mouthwash. It can kill mouth bacteria and support better oral health. Also, it is best to avoid sugar, acidic beverages, or excessive amounts of coffee, as all these can stain or damage, which ultimately weakens teeth.

If you are looking for foods to strengthen your teeth, it is always a great idea to start with one of the recommendations above. A multitude of fruits and legumes can offer high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals for teeth health. But keep in mind that you should avoid fruits with a high concentration of sugar.

Kenneth Bennett

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.