5 Benefits of Getting Radiation Therapy in Singapore

Radiation Therapy in Singapore

Cancer is one of the scariest words you can hear from a doctor, and many people are also scared of what happens after the diagnosis. How will their treatment plan look? How effective will it be, and how well will the patient be in a year or more? Because of this, many people are scared of what breast cancer treatment in Singapore they’ll have to undergo.

Many cancer patients have to undergo radiation therapy in Singapore for their treatment plans. While the thought of going through radiation therapy is intimidating, it has significant benefits that can give you peace of mind and a fighting chance against your diagnosis. Here are the five best benefits of radiation therapy for you to consider.

1. Different from Chemotherapy

Many fear chemotherapy because of the physical toll it takes on the patient. Because chemotherapy targets the entire body, it could bring down many healthy aspects of the patient. On the other hand, radiation therapy in Singapore is localised to the affected body part. This treatment helps you preserve the condition of the rest of your body.

2. Shrink Early-Stage Cancer

Cancers are surprisingly reactive to radiation. An oncology doctor can use radiation therapy to eliminate cancer cells, ensuring that none of it will be able to grow and develop into something worse down the line. It can also help you prepare for large operations such as surgery, so the surgeons can easily extract cancer. Chemotherapy also helps radiation therapy target cancer faster, at the cost of feeling the side effects worse.

3. Can Stop Cancer from Spreading

The worst thing about cancer is that it can spread. For example, your cervical cancer could spread to other parts of your body before you can get effective cervical cancer treatment in Singapore. Thankfully, radiation therapy can help keep it contained to the body part it’s already affecting, so you can focus on one part at a time. It can also help prevent cancer cells from multiplying, which means you can focus on only eliminating the existing cells.

4. Can Treat Advanced Symptoms

If your cancer is at a late stage, radiation therapy can still improve your quality of life. A radiation oncologist in Singapore can help you manage painful symptoms with radiation therapy and treat bowel blockages or trouble with breathing.

Radiation Therapy in Singapore

5. Can be Done on an Outpatient Basis

No one likes staying in the hospital – after all, why wouldn’t you want to rest peacefully at home while you suffer from your illness? While some treatments require the patient to live in the hospital to receive treatment, radiation therapy in Singapore isn’t the same. As long as you stick with your treatment schedules, you can do your radiation therapy treatments on your own time.

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