2020 vision: Looking at the cosmetic treatments set to trend next year

Beauty standards are constantly evolving, and so are technology and innovation. As technology increasingly integrates into every aspect of our lives, it is no wonder that tech will transform the world of cosmetic treatments in 2020. We have already begun to see how newer innovations have transformed cosmetic treatments and surgery, from Skype consultations to analytic technology that recommends treatments. The upcoming trends for cosmetic treatments in 2020 will see modernisations to well-known treatments such as the facelift, necklift, and dermal filler.

Complexion perfection

In 2020, visual social media will continue to reign superior, so the demand for selfie-ready skin is expected to increase. Whether it’s improving acne and the appearance of pores with light therapy devices, or treatments such as the facelift designed to rejuvenate the visage and reduce sagging skin, technology and treatments are always evolving and innovating, so the demand for youthful, glowing and clear skin will continue to exist.

Subtle enhancement

Traditionally, cosmetic surgery has often come with connotations of dramatic transformations and an unnatural appearance. However, the latest trends have seen more and more patients looking for a more natural look. Small enhancements to the face allow patients to achieve an Instagram-filtered version of their inherent looks, such as an enhancement to the jawline with a necklift, or more natural-looking lip fillers. A small change can make a big difference to someone’s confidence, and surgeons can expect more patients requesting subtle enhancements to their features.

Invisible contouring

For a while now, fillers and other injectables have been used to add contour to the face and add volume to areas that have thinned out with age. Going into 2020, new fillers are expected to hit the market that will look incredibly similar to real skin in terms of texture and appearance. Those desiring a change in the appearance of their bone structure may also be interested in new filler innovations that mimic cheekbones, helping you to achieve a more chiselled visage.

Tighter physiques

Some of the more popular trends of this year have revolved around bodies, whether it be fit physiques or voluptuous assets, recent claims are even calling the body the new face. New body-sculpting technology uses <a href=”https://www.prime-journal.com/onda-revolutionary-microwave-technology-for-cellulite-reduction/”>micro-wave technology to eliminate cellulite</a>, firm and tone. This will provide a non-surgical solution to depleting fat cells, allowing you to achieve your best body yet!

Kenneth Bennett

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