Frankincense Essential Oil – Facts, Myths, And More 

Frankincense essential oil comes from the Boswellia tree sap. However, there are diverse ways its extraction process takes place. Generally, steam distillation is the most common process of extraction for this essential oil. Although most people think that Frankincense isn’t a very common oil, it has been in use for more than 5,000 years now. It goes way back into the past, where it is said to have been traded in North Africa and the Middle East. Even during those early days, Frankincense essential oil benefits for skin were quite well-known. No wonder it spread to other parts of the world quite soon, and now it is one of the most used oils for a wide range of reasons. 

Whether you want to reap the Frankincense essential oil benefits for skin or simply know more about the essential oil a bit more, this article can help you. Read carefully for further analysis of this oil. 

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How To Use Frankincense Essential Oil?

1. Apply The Oil To Your Skin

If you are looking to reap any benefits of Frankincense essential oil for your skin, it is best to first dilute it in any carrier oil you prefer. Start by applying some drops to your feet. You could also rub it on your pulse points to conduct a patch test. With this patch test, you can analyze if the essential oil leaves any side effects or allergic reactions on your skin. In most cases, this is rare. So, you need not worry. 

However, conducting this patch test to be on the safe side is always a good practice. Once you do that and you find no allergic reactions on your skin, you can go ahead to apply the oil to your skin and reap the benefits. Make sure you only apply some drops of oil. Gently massage it on your skin to improve blood circulation and obtain other skin benefits as it may help. If you please, you may add oil to your body lotions, other beauty products, and moisturizers to foster a better skincare regime. 

2. Inhale The Oil 

Did you know that Frankincense essential oil can serve well in Aromatherapy? Breathing in the oil from your bottle can help elevate your mood, foster calmness, and even reduce signs of depression to a certain extent. It can also calm anxiety issues considerably. For this purpose, you could also inhale the Frankincense essential oil by pouring it on a Cotton ball or a soft cloth. Then, smell that particular product on which you have poured the essential oil. 

The oil’s sweet aroma is bound to help your muscles ease and provide the desired effects. You can also choose to mix it with other oils like Lime and Wild Orange to enhance its goodness. Rose, Lavender, and Ylang Ylang can be equally effective. 

3. Diffuse The Oil

Another great way to reap the best benefits of Frankincense essential oil is by diffusing the oil. You can do this by pouring it into a diffuser and then letting the soothing aroma of Frankincense essential oil spread into the room. This can also be a smart way to make your home more welcoming and inviting for guests. For this purpose, trying out a few diffuser formulas could also work well for you. So, you can make the best use of that in need. 

Facts Regarding Frankincense Essential Oil That Still Require Research

Not all facts related to Frankincense essential oil are backed by staunch medical evidence. However, rumors may soon spread and cause havoc about one thing or another. In turn, you might attempt to do things differently as they should be done. That is why we are here to break certain myths about Frankincense essential oil and help you use them properly.

1. Reduces Mental Health Problems 

In clinical trials, it was found that Frankincense essential oil can help reduce the symptoms of stress in Rats. Another set of trials found that the same oil can also help decrease Mice’s signs of depression and anxiety. However, comprehensive research on whether or not they can be effective on humans is yet to be conducted. That is why one must pay sufficient attention to that. 

2. Helps Combat Heart Diseases 

Frankincense essential oil contains certain anti-inflammatory properties. These qualities are known to be helpful in the reduction of any form of inflammation that is commonly found in heart diseases. Although a couple of researchers provide evidence on Frankincense essential oil combating heart diseases, careful research remains to be conducted. 

3. Helps Balance Hormones 

Frankincense essential oil has been reported to cause delays in Menopause. It may also decrease the symptoms of Menstruation by providing relief for headaches, period cramps, mood swings, and even nausea. Recent research also discovered that a couple of essential oils could help level up estrogen in a woman’s body. This, in turn, could be directly associated with the symptoms of Menopause. However, Frankincense essential oil has not been associated with any such research as of now. So, more evidence on the same remains to be confirmed. 

4. Improves Skin Quality 

Amidst all other facts that are not entirely backed by medical evidence regarding Frankincense essential oil, it is also said that Frankincense essential oil may help improve our skin. Although some research agrees on the various skin-related benefits associated with this oil, extensive research remains to be conducted. So far, it has been proven to help reduce acne and wrinkling efficiently. 

Ending Note 

Today, Frankincense essential oil can be used in various ways. Choose to pour it into a diffuser to extract its soothing benefits for your mental health. You could also apply it as we have mentioned above or simply soak it in a ball of Cotton. However, before you practice any of this for a serious health concern, make sure you consult with a healthcare provider. This will help keep any allergic reactions or side effects at bay. Eventually, you can opt-out of any health risks and continue to be in the pink of your health. 

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