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14. Ashtanga yoga : Overview

Many yoga studios offer Ashtanga lead classes, which means that a teacher leads the class and teaches the students in the order of poses in primary and secondary school. Ashtanga Yoga is practised in the Mysore style, and the leading …


Beyond Beauty: The Art and Science of Vein Care with Dr. Vidal Sheen

In the realm of vein care, Dr. Vidal Sheen is not just a practitioner; he is an artist and a scientist, weaving together the aesthetic and medical aspects to redefine the narrative of vascular health. “Beyond Beauty: The Art and …

Teaching English in Costa Rica: Where Adventure Meets Education

Teaching English abroad has long been a passion for adventure-seeking educators who crave the excitement of immersing themselves in a new culture while making a tangible difference in the lives of students. One popular destination for this combination of adventure …