Why Combine Microneedling with PRP Therapy?

Most people don’t think about it, but our skin withstands a significant amount of abuse daily: the skin battles sweat, contamination, and other pore-clogging aspects. For individuals with acne-prone skin, it is an effort to keep the skin healthy. As a result, the skin ends up with a myriad of imperfections that can affect one’s appearance and self-confidence. This is where skin rejuvenation treatments such as skin needling come in.

Why all the fuss with skin rejuvenation?

The skin is a crucial but sensitive organ in the body. The skin deals with lots of issues throughout its lifetime. One of the major issues it deals with is the natural aging process. The natural aging procedure weakens the skin every single day. Moreover, the food we eat and the way we live likewise puts a strain on the skin. Harmful UV rays and pollutants in the environment can only make matters worse.

All these harmful aspects negatively affect the skin. The dead skin cells, bacteria, and other pollutants keep collecting in the skin and obstruct the pores. This leads to many skin problems. To get rid of the issues resulting from the latter, many skin care professionals recommend skin needling with PRP Therapy.

What is Microneedling?

As its name suggests, it is a treatment where small needles are used to invigorate the skin. In fact, the handheld gadget that is used to perform this treatment includes a lot of tiny needles at one end. The needles not just open the stopped up pores but also clean the skin. 

The skin gets damaged a bit due to the penetration of the needles. However, the natural recovery process heals these tiny injuries instantaneously. You may have seen pictures of microneedling before and after results and noticed how a patient’s skin looks noticeably better immediately after the treatment.

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP is short for Platelet Rich Plasma. It is a crucial component of human blood. PRP includes numerous growth elements that benefit the skin. When we separate the red blood cells from the blood, we get a platelet-rich plasma. 

In PRP Therapy, the blood of the same person is drawn and centrifuged in a device. The PRP is then applied to the skin to set off the recovery process.

Microneedling with PRP Therapy

Microneedling with PRP Treatment is a minimally invasive and non-surgical treatment that is carried out on an outpatient basis. The patient feels no pain during the procedure since the topical anesthetic cream will be applied to the treatment. 

The treatment is the best combination of two skin rejuvenation strategies that can resolve lots of skin concerns. If you are interested in buying Dermapen for sale in the market, then you may want to consider getting PRP Therapy as well.


Indeed skin needling and PRP can be a powerful combination for a skin rejuvenation treatment. Many skin care professionals recommend it for acne scars, acne, stretch marks, big pores, and the like. If you are struggling with aesthetic imperfections on your skin and desire an all-natural solution, then you won’t be disappointed with the results that microneedling and PRP therapy has to offer.

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